Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Festivus in New Zealand

well, as timewise they had Christmas before us (probably around the time that we were opening up the Christmas Eve present, i think), why not start with a look at Christmas Eve in New Zealand? i believe that they call it Christmas there too, but thought i had better make mention of the Seinfeld inspired replacement holiday in case they call it something else.

as regular readers are all too aware, the postal services are usually pretty good at delivering items to New Zealand, and here Daniel and Katie proudly show off items which have been happily received by them!

quite an impressive array of cards there! nice one!

it is not only the postal services of the world which can find New Zealand. oh no, far from it - it seems that Mr S Claus esq. is equipped with the skills to find all the good children who live there!

looking at the presents they got, which are not shown here to maintain an element of mystery, Daniel and Katie must have been very, very good indeed this last year! so too, as it happens, must have been Grant, as it look like he got the veritable king of gifts!

looks like a splendid thing to have a snooze on, Grant, in particular after a hard day out there [TEXT OBSCURED ON LEGAL ADVICE], assuming that they are not all locked up in a barn for Christmas and that you had the energy and enthusiasm for it, of course.

something of a tradition for Gillian would be the composure and construction of a family self portrait every Christmas. as this is the case, this year was certainly no exception!

my, how majestic and regal they look!

finally, it seems a trip to the beach is how Festivus is rounded off in New Zealand, no matter how overcast the weather appears to be!

well, i for one would not stand in the way of my sisters' desire for an ice cream at any time, and Daniel being dressed ready to rescue someone could well have been a bonus!

righty-ho, as it looks like they had an ace time over there, time for me to try and trawl through our pics and see what i can get on this site for you!

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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