Tuesday, December 28, 2010

scenes from our Christmas....

hey everyone

righty-ho, let's see if i can give you all a brief but big-ish, informal yet hopefully informative look at our Christmas Day!

up front, James was rather ill on Christmas Eve, to the extent that he was running a high temperature for most of it. we battled to bring it down, and Michele was up on and off for most of the night with him. thankfully his temperature dropped significantly during the small hours of the day itself. Michele was able to get a few moments' sleep during the night, before the boys waited until as late as 5:30am to get up and see if Santa had been to visit. indeed he had, boys!

William, whilst developing very well indeed, was a bit confused about another day of having all sorts of things which he was allowed to rip the paper off so soon after the last one. his confusion soon passed though, and he seemed rather thrilled with what delights were hidden under the, apparently tasty going on his appetite for eating it, many sheets of wrapping paper.

of the one million (give or take) items that James had requested Father Christmas bring for him, he seemed genuinely delighted with what had arrived via the reindeer express, and indeed said a big thank you for all of them! he was particularly pleased to get his hands on something called (take a breath before you say this) Ben 10 Alien Force - Vilgax Attacks, which is just as well, since he asked for it on the last Christmas Day when his Uncle Dylan got it!

James and William had a delightful time opening up all of their presents, and as i mentioned seemed particularly impressed with them all. James, it seems, got all the things that he could recall asking for (give or take well over nine hundred thousand), and William was very happy to have things that he could throw about, carry around and hit.

ah, here are the boys with the "squeaky penguin" from the Harlo gang that i mentioned earlier today!

they are both well taken with this one! i suspect that if we had just bought a dozen or so of these they would have been rather happy!

later in the day Grandma and Grandad arrived. yes, in that car, as well as Richard's one. it seems that Santa had decided to leave some of the presents for James and William at their house since they visit them a bit, so Grandma and Grandad decided to bring it over.

the presents needed a fair bit of construction work, which Grandad delights in despite his best efforts at moaning, and James was only too happy to help!

however, it was not too long in to the construction business that Grandad decided to start stabbing himself on an array of plants, and indeed use distinctly unfestive language as a consequence, so James withdrew his assistance at some points to safely watch the building going ahead, keeping William company.

Grandma, well versed in Grandad's rare instances of unfestive language, soon stepped in and made sure that construction carried on relatively smoothly.

even i, your humble narrator, got in on the action a bit! i am not usually allowed near any complex DIY or building projects at all, but it was considered safe to allow me to tighten up a few bolts and bang some pins into the ground!

if i say so myself, which i do here, i did such a good job that surely my reputation for having a natural affinity for breaking stuff should fall by the wayside and i should be allowed to have a crack at your new car, Dad?

didn't think so, in relation to the above question. anyway, after i had finished my bits, the construction was ready for use!

my, that is one impressive jungle gym set the two boys have! so what if we no longer have much of a garden? gardens are meant for playing in, after all!

William, now walking and diving at spots where he wishes to stop, has taken something of a shine to the idea of climbing up stuff. this thus far has mostly been limited to TV stands and security gates, but the evidence suggests that he may very well accept just limiting his climbing activities to actual, proper climbing frames from now on!

James basically likes everything on offer, but the swing seems to have taken place of preference for him thus far!

i think this might be because as much as he loves sitting on the see-saw with William, so William loves trying to dive off the see-saw and get on the climbing frame!

later in the day it was time to go over to see Grandma and Grandad at their house where, wouldn't you know it, yet more gifts awaited the boys!

as well as having a whopper of a Christmas dinner (i was served a magnificent sized steak, the size of which suggested that there was perhaps not a great deal left of the cow), it was time for a nice afternoon swim, something that presumably our good friends and family in Europe and America didn't do.

here is our attempt at a family portrait for you!

not quite as self-taken as Gillian's as we didn't take it ourselves (i have no idea if our camera even has a timer thingie), but it does the job all the same!

wouldn't you know it turns out that William is quite the water baby? after getting his toes in the pool he was very keen on the idea of Daddy taking him around and around, quite a few times!

he was even kicking away for most of it - i suspect he shall be a natural swimmer!

James loves the idea of swimming and the pool, but he really doesn't like the idea of getting his hair too wet. trust me, hairwashing is an experience of note as a consequence. anyway, James loved his hour or so in the water, and gave the thumbs up to both that and, i'd like to think, the day as a whole!

well, that's a few slices of our wonderful day! really hoped, dear readers, that you all had a great time too!

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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