Wednesday, December 08, 2010

towards the end of the year

hey everyone

well, as the countdown to the end of a rather varied year moves close to single digits it was time for James & William's daycare school to do their usual annual end of year presentations. we had already had a most splendid concert, of course, as seen in an earlier post, but but the teachers and the children were proud to show off all the other stuff they did - and rightly so!

first off, though, to mark the end of the "formal" year, it was time for an early visit from Father Christmas!

James is rather wise to the ways of this Father Christmas bloke, and was very excited indeed to see him! for William, though, it was a first encounter, and it was one that could have gone better, but could have been worse too! he was rather curious at first, but oddly gave a bit of a cry when he was handed a present. i don't think that trend shall last!

after Father Christmas had been and gone it was time for the children to show off the many, many wonderful things they had been doing there all year. a big part of that was music and dancing, which they showed off in a couple of ways. the big opening for the show was a wonderful, very well done Zulu song and dance, in full outfits too, as you can see from this small-ish picture of James! he loved it, as family members reading this will see (eventually) when i get around to sending off a disc of the film i made! i have no idea how accurate all the music and dancing was, and with an English father i suspect James should rather have been dressed in a big and bright red jacket with a lovely white hat, but all and sundry really enjoyed it!

there was also some ace 50s style good, old fashioned rock and roll dancing to be done too!

James had a semi-serious look on his face for most of the dancing, it had to be said. he seemed terribly concerned about making sure he did all the right moves instead of just letting go and having fun!

Tanganastix, the mix between aerobics and exercise they do each week, is a big favourite of both James and the vast majority of children there. well, it does look like jolly good fun, and for the demonstration i am delighted to day that James decided to come and stand rather close to the camera!

Tanganastix is done by a wondeful gent called William, a good role model and someone we suspect James may very well have had in mind when we let him select a name for his brother that was not Batman or Superman!

other than this they had a display of all that they do with Soccer Stars, but they were just moving too fast for me to get a clear picture. certain readers of this blog that i would rather not name (hello, Dad!) get quite upset when i put slightly blurred pictures up, so i try to avoid it!

at the end of their presentation there was a wonderful ceremony where the children all got certificates and medals for all their extra activities during the year. James was very impressed with his haul!

well, there you have it! a wonderful day watching them doing wonderful things!

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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