Sunday, October 17, 2010

greetings of New Zealand!

hey everyone

Gillian, Grant, Daniel and indeed Katie have kindly sent on some pictures to show us how things are down in the land of New Zealand at the moment! all looks good, really!

now Gillian, it has to be said, gets a little (possibly rightly) uppity when i don't get the names of the places they go to as correct as i could. i can with confidence, then, state that, after some research, they have recently been to a place called either Ambury Park or possibly Ambury Farm. it could even be Ambury Farm-Park or Park-Farm of Ambury, really. i don't know for sure, but there's certainly Ambury in the name. happy, sister?

either way, it looks park-esque and farm-esque in places, but for the most part looks like a major, major fun place to go!

here's Gillian, along with Katie and Daniel, looking particularly keen on a ride they are on! Gillian looks like she is wearing one of the baseball caps that Grant sent me!

and indeed, in the garden of their home, here is Grant himself wearing a rather magnificent cap!

for too long, now, Grant enthusiasts have been denied the site of him on my blog, so i am delighted to put a new picture up of him just for you with a thing for him!

and what would Grant be doing in the garden? well, it seems that he would be helping Katie and Daniel with an ambitious and impressive cultivation corner!

nice one Katie and Daniel, hope that which you have planted grows in plentiful amounts! your two Uncles over here could make some suggestions of certain herbs to grow, if you like?

splendid to see all is happy and well on the other side of the world!!!

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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