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the obsessive, odd fraternity known as "fanboys" will tell you that there has never ever been a sequel to match or be considered good enough to call itself a sequel to the 1987 masterpiece that is Predator. thus far, Predator 2 had been kind of tolerated by fans (it had all they wanted in it, plus Gary Busey for good measure), but for some reason the two Alien vs Predator films just upset them - not enough like the comics or games or something.

as i am someone who had enjoyed all four films featuring the most excellent concept of the Predator, then, i was interested to learn that the 4th sequel being made, named Predators, seemed to be one that was going to make these "fanboys" happy at last.

with some unusual and interesting cast members attached, and Robert Rodriguez (he of Desperado and Machete fame) producing, it certainly looked promising. and, if truth be told and you just want a quick review, yeah, it's a rather good, entertaining film.

as ever, you are hereby given a *** SPOILER WARNING *** in regards of everything after the poster below!

as far as a plot goes, the film doesn't muck about with establishing anything in particular, assuming and trusting that the audience knows in advance what to expect. it starts off with a group of people, specifically Adrian Brody, falling with the aid of a parachute into some unknown territory.

gradually, or perhaps quickly with some massive plot areas skipped over, the motley crew realize that they have been placed on another planet as prey to be hunted down for some sort of mysterious predators.

this is something they work out best when the one lady in the "team", a mental sniper, sees one of the predators, and by some good fortune had somehow read the debriefing of the survivor of the Predator that lurked around South America.

i think you know the drill from here - they get hunted down one at a time, just like in the original. there's the odd twist though, like the presence of Lawrence Fishburne. in a curious 10 or so minute cameo, he's someone who has previously landed on the planet, and has survived several "hunting seasons", as he calls them.

the fact that he has (perhaps understandably) been driven totally insane by his experiences doesn't seem to hamper his survival abilities (thus far) all that much, but that's just one of several plot holes that you are better off skipping if you want to try and enjoy this movie.

now the best, scariest horror / thriller movies tend to be the ones where they keep the monster hidden the most. this was certainly the case with the original Predator, and a trick they emulate with success here. just aswell, really, for the "main Predator" appears to have been designed by a thirteen year old who has just discovered the joys of death metal music.

a far cry from the original, much loved and feared Predator!

Predators is a great film if you are familiar with all the various Predtaor stories. if this is your first encounter with this imaginary, inspired creature, i would imagine on the whole it's rather confusing. there's no faulting the pacing or action - Adrian Brody is something of a revelation as an action hero, and he's got pretty decent support around him.

the major problem with this film, like all other Predator films, is that it just doesn't have this chap in it

there is, quite frankly, no replacing Arnie when it comes to battling Predators. he is the only human you could ever imagine standing a chance against one of them. also, the lines from the original (if it bleeds we can kill it, GIT TO DA CHOPPA! GIT TO DA CHOPPA! anyone?) have been loved and quoted for over twenty years now. nothing here holds a candle to those priceless moments from the original. this is to say, they've capture the spirit, pacing and style of the original, but just cannot replicate why the fans fell in love with the original in the first place.

this has been a pretty pointless review, then. all i can tell you is that if you like the whole Predator concept you will enjoy this, but those of us who do will have already either seen it at the cinema or ordered the DVD. if for some reason you've waited for my guidance, glad to give it, and proceed without fear!

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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