Saturday, October 02, 2010

the inescapable Harlo gang......

hey everyone

tales of the Harlo gang seem to be forever popular on this site, so who am i to withold such tales? many of you might wonder what exactly it is that a Harlo does when they are not battling Icelandic volcanoes, randomly storing luggage or seeking out illustrations of the number ten. well, since you ask (if you did), they are involved in the world of theatre production!

now, dear reader, i have to tread very carefully here. i once got famously, and indeed rightly, lamped off my Uncle Colin after an alcohol fuelled but nontheless frank and explicit conversation around the sexuality of men who wear earrings. as i would presumably be one simple plane flight away from a similar lamping if i made any allegations at all about the gentry who work in theatre, let me be as delicate as i can with the wording here.....

usually Colin & Angela work at with the North Ormesby Minstrels in a behind the scenes, backstage capacity. please note i did not suggest in any way that Colin aspired to be a theatre choreographer, thank you. as this year they were doing the splendid play Our House, based on the music of Madness which both of them love, this year they treaded upon the boards themselves! here's Angela as what looks like a convict...

and indeed Colin in a similar state of dress and performance.

i must say i am intrigued by this "mixed sex" prison they are in. if it was real and Colin was actually in it, i dare say he would be shanking and stabbing his way inside to a life sentence, really. who wouldn't? well, my good friend and mate Duncan ("Spiros"), who for a very real and well known reason that i would not put here has a desire to spend some quality time inside a Turkish prison. each to their own.

to illustrate that my Uncle Colin does not harbour any desire to be an actual convict, here he is as a member of what is lovingly and fondly referred to in some circles as "the filth", or as a member of the constabulary if you are not down on these new slang terms.

i am not sure if young Christopher was involved in the production too, but certainly Andrew was. here he is flexing those vocal muscles that i dare say are normally used to give some frank and forthright directional advice to attendees at the Riverside Stadium who displease him!

well, there you go! it looks ace, and the reports were all glowing and wonderful, in particular those praising (rightly) the stark, bold heterosexuality of my Uncle Colin.

right, i think i have avoided upsetting Colin, let me quit whilst i am ahead!

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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