Saturday, October 23, 2010

priceless, young jedi

hey everyone

this is an old one, but a classic!

back in 2002, a bar ran a sales promo for their staff. whoever sold the most beer would win, and this was indicated verbally rather than in writing, a "toyota".

the winner, a Ms Jodee Berry, was eventually lead outside to a car park and was less than impressed to discover that it was an elaborate (and rather witty) April Fool joke, and that she had in fact won....

a toy Yoda!

a lawsuit & settlement followed, whereby Ms Berry did indeed end up with a new Toyota courtesy of the bar. i would have thought, though, knowing the insanse scarcity & cost of Star Wars toys, that the Yoda toy (which looks ace) would be worth far more than some Japanese car?

oh well, Ms Berry got the toy and a car, the bar got lots and lots of international advertising (which has not been extended here), so i guess all ended up winners - presumably the lawyers from both sides more than anyone, but there you go.

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and cover yourself by getting it in writing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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