Thursday, November 15, 2012

the boys (and possibly a girl) and the camera

hi there

at the weekend just gone we had a most excellent afternoon over with Richard, Erika, Lyla and Ruby-Lee. i took the camera along with every intention of getting a few pictures. i did not, alas, take any myself. happily, though, James, William and i suspect Lyla were more than prepared to mess around and take a few shots!

the two or three of them just grabbing the camera does lead to a number of blurred, close up shots of things that you have no idea of what they could be. every now and then, though, they manage to get some interesting, sort of avante garde like shots. like, for instance, this one of me and Richard.

that's Richard in Newcastle yellow, by the way. what on earth were we discussing? possibly my views on how irregular shaped meat is for "lasses and big jessies", or just something as simple as the immient new Star Wars films.

now then, who took this picture is anyone's guess. most likely Lyla, possibly William or even just James himself!

whoever took it, well done, it is a rather smart picture!

this next one was certainly taken by James, for he is not in it and Ruby-Lee was asleep. i know Ruby-Lee was asleep as William was happily playing with all her toys without having them reclaimed!

yes, that is me lurking in the background, apparently impressed and amused by whatever they were all up to!

sadly Ruby-Lee remained asleep whilst the camera retained all its possible novelty factor, so no pictures of her in this update. Lyla, however, was very much awake and i believe we have James to thank for this brilliant picture!

William certainly took this next one, as neither Michele or i would take one of the disaster area that is our lounge when they boys have taken toys and books out!

James appears to be rather busy there with some sort of sports update, looks like rugby!

thanks again to Richard, Erika, Lyla and Ruby-Lee for a most excellent afternoon, by the way!

more updates as and when i can think of things to write!

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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