Monday, November 05, 2012

the authenticated Old Grumpy experience....

hi there

how, you may ask, is it going with Old Grumpy's Gallery (social media enthusiasts can follow this link) over in the fine land of New Zealand. well, i can assume it's going both well and busy as i have not heard too much of late. no mention of if any of my weekly parcels have landed, and certainly no mails along the lines of "don't worry about coming to visit us son, get yourself over to see The Stone Roses again, they are excellent". well, i am not really expecting a message along those lines, really. thought that counts, and all that, you know.

i did, however, receive this via the joys of electronic mail today. it seems that Dad has mastered the art of adding a "digital signature" to his most impressive photography.

nice one! i am not sure he should be signing them as Old Grumpy rather than his actual name, but i suppose that's how all who meet him in his gallery when he is having one of his "special days" will, with some fortune fondly, recall him anyway.

one can only assume that this 'signature range' is the first step in his inevitable end goal of being "the David Dickinson of New Zealand". no doubt soon provincial radio stations will be wanting him to feature on air, and i wouldn't be at all surprised to learn of him being invited to do guest spots on certain kinds of television shows. well, if not why not.

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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