Tuesday, November 06, 2012

JFT96 - How To Support

hi there

it's not too often that i approach much serious in this blog, but please bear with me and consider supporting this.

what happened at Hillsborough was not just either a "Liverpool" or a "football" thing. it was an FA Cup semi-final. in theory, any set of football fans could have been killed that day, and then had their needless deaths covered up thanks to the powers the police had in the wake of the bully boy mentality Thatcher encouraged in them during the miners' strike.

for over two decades, families who lost loved ones have had to endure lies and vile slurs about what happened that day. equally, for over two decades dedicated people have investigated, defended and given time to raise awareness of what really happened.

with the lies finally torn down, those families are having to endure this horror once again. they need the support of us, the ordinary football fans and those who simply cannot imagine the hell their lives have been.

the Justice Tonight band, and extra credit to Pete Wylie and Mick Jones in particular, have been tirelessly playing and gigging across the UK to raise awareness. the JT band and an incredible, statement making range of talented musicians have collaborated to release a Christmas single aimed at raising both awareness of what is happening and much needed funds for the families of the victims.

please buy this single when it is released.a few quid from you will get you a great record, will help make sure that those responsible for Hillsborough will not be allowed to forget that they will be called to account, and will greatly assist those families that should never, ever have had to walk alone.

you can follow news and find information on the release over on the JFT96 facebook page. if you feel that you can't purchase this record for whatever reason, then please at the least share the link on your facebook profile and "retweet" their official messages from twitter.

thank you for taking the time to read this and hopefully you will, no matter how big or small, be able to support it.

do be very excellent to each other.

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