Thursday, November 08, 2012

a reminder

hi there

this is......well, this is someone that does not really need an introduction.

yes, that's Rodders. the man who the description of being "a bit of a lad" would represent one of the greatest understatements in human history.

Rodders is, whether admitted freely or hidden deep down, the type of chap that all men have a wish to be, or be like. a signer that has sung with every great musician, a chap that has dated more models than you were even aware existed, a gent whose relationships end on such good terms that all his ex's gather every year to celebrate Christmas with him and a dude that has a fully functional bar installed on stage at concerts. what's not to love?

he is also, of course, a known lover of football. Celtic in particular, and here he is last night, watching Celtic vs Barcelona in the Champions League.

nothing too extraordinary about that, you might be saying. football does, after all, attract a large number of what one might call "celebrity fans". even Mr Money, Lord Jagger of Mick, is seen at England matches - often in with the commoners whose money he craves, no less.

the match last night was a bit different, however. it was an anniversary for Celtic, and it was a game that will be remembered for a long, long time.

why? well, this next picture of Rodders tells you all you need to know about the score Celtic 2 Barcelona (the "best team in the world") 1.

football has always been populated by unsavory types. recently, though, it's been the more vile creatures of the game that have taken the headlines. we too have of course had the previously respectable type of footballer been ruthlessly exposed, in particular when the distance between them and reality is exposed by ambitious if misguided plans to "sue the internet". and then you have those that have such good PR that they are celebrated and worshipped by football fans even though if the truth about them came out they most certainly would not be.

last night was a reminder of why we put up with such ghastly characters, why we still love the game and why football is called The Beautiful Game. that Rodders, a man who has seen and done it all, can be overwhelmed and brought to tears of unrestrained joy, tells you everything about how 22 men kicking a ball around can seem and feel like the most important thing in the world.

nice one Celtic.

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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