Friday, November 09, 2012

'Honest' Ronnie Wood explains $tone$ ticket prices

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well, phew! this is a relief! there was i and everyone else puzzled by the ticket prices that The Rolling Stones are charging for their shows in London and the USA this year. thankfully Ronnie Wood has cleared up the matter. and i quote :

"We've already spent a million on rehearsing in Paris. And the stage is going to be another few million. And the lights. We feel no bad thing about ticket prices. We've got to make something."


well then, that's that cleared up. unless, of course, you decide to think about that statement for a second or so.

they have spent One Million Pounds on a couple of weeks of rehearsals in Paris, have they? how the baiser did they manage that? my best guess is that they paid each other £200,000.00 each as some sort of appearance fee, spent a further £10.00 an hour or so on hiring a bass player, roughly £70,000.00 at going rates on a studio (although i am sure at least one of them has a Napoleonic mansion in France they could have used) and the rest presumably went on bonbons nez.....

as for the "few million" on a stage and "another million" on lights, one suspects that Mr Wood is presently two thousand light years from reality. 

obviously the Stones are very concerned about the bad press they are getting for the ticket prices and the debacle that was how they were sold. usually the Stones are a closed shop, who answer to no one. that they are commenting on this speaks volumes. 

the thing is, if they had said "the ticket prices are so high because of the venue and the road crew, we're not making that much, we just wanna play and give something back to the fans for 50 years of support", no one would have grumbled at all. 

please don't get me wrong, i have no issue with rock stars making lots and lots of money. far from it, really. i just don't get why they've allowed a 50th anniversary celebration, something you would imagine not many other bands will be in a position to do, to become all about cash. 

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