Monday, September 27, 2010

king of bass in king of shirts

hey everyone

well, it's not all that often i get excited about clothes, really. on those rare instances that something catches my eye, however, it tends to be pretty spectacular.

over the weekend we watched the one and only released Primal Scream DVD, the Riot City Blues tour disc. on it we noticed two things - one was how restrained Bobby Gillespie seemed in it (i don't think he likes being filmed), the other was just how excellent the shirt Mani had on was.

i have done my best to get some screen grabs from the dvd, but i am not sure my skills at doing this do the shirt justice. it looks absolutely ace!

Mani, of course, is the ex-Stone Roses bass player, but has now been in Primal Scream for over ten years. when people ask him how he feels about being in the Scream longer than the Roses, his usual answer is "about the same as i feel about being in Primal Scream longer than i have been in The Beatles.".

i have no idea where i will find a shirt like this - clothes shopping isn't really a strength of mine. ho hum, will just have to hope i get lucky, will keep an eye out for it!

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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