Thursday, September 02, 2010

the Fright Night remake

hey everyone

well, it would be rare that i, along with the majority of the world get excited when news of another film remake is announced. the more likely reaction would be one of disappointment, in particular if the film being remade was one that could be considered a classic.

i do recall letting out a massive groan when i heard one of my all time top horror films, Fright Night, was up for the remake treatment.

for those unfamiliar with it, Fright Night was an absolute gem of a film from the mid-80s. it tells the plight of Charlie Brewster, a young lad who happens to find out a vampire has moved in next door to him. he reacts by doing what any of us would do - he gets Peter Vincent, the host of a late night horror film channel, to come and display all he knows from horror films in the hope of defeating the vampire.

Fright Night did not strike me as a film that could be improved or enhanced much, and i didn't see the initial point of remaking it. my ho hum attitude to this remake changed significantly, however, when a bold and audacious piece of casting was announced.

the key part of Peter Vincet was to be played by Doctor Who actor David Tennant!

i had been impressed with David Tennant ever since i saw him in the brilliant BBC series Blackpool. it hardly needs me to remind you how exceptional he was when he took on the role of The Doctor. in order to accomodate a somewhat younger actor in the part than the original, no longer was Peter Vincent to be a TV host, instead he would be a Las Vegas based magician and vampire hunter. this all sounded very promising indeed!

and now we have our first glimpse at how he will look in the film!

what can i say but wow! ace!

it's still a year and a bit to go before the film is released, but blimey they seem to have the right tone and image set out already!

hopefully this remake does not let us down! all indicators thus far point to at one ace film coming out late next year!!

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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