Sunday, September 26, 2010

up in the UK.....

hey everyone

well, some curious pics have landed in my email from the UK in the last week or so. as ever, i suspect the best thing to do with them is put them on display here and have a discussing about them.

first up, my dear Uncle Colin. now, everyone in this world has a vice or two, even perhaps a hobby. very few, though, are the people who get rather excited by putting suitcases in cars, but my Uncle seems to be one of the few.

ah, now here is a most excellent picture. partly because it features my Dad with Andrew and Christopher.....

...but mostly because it shows he has his most excellent Ernest Hemmingway beard on the go again. i am not sure why he shaves it off, it looks quite class. some of you might say that the beard is due to an aquatic voyage he has undertaken. i cannot say that, because it's been intimated to me that if my Dad features in any more articles with phrases like "Admrial Bob" and "hello sailors!" in it, i am going to get lamped, and my deluxe Bowie Station To Station set is probably going to end up on a sailing holiday too.

moving on, and here's Christopher being rather open about a rather curious passion of his.

none of us have a clue why it is that Christopher thinks the number 10 (ten) is so brilliant, but here you go. his Mum, my dear Auntie Angela, seems to have a look of nothing but pride as Christopher shows off his latest ten find, so there you go!

and finally for now from the UK, the delightful young Natalie seems to be taking up my old job of discussing politics with Gramps himself, Stormin' Norman!

i am not sure what Natalie makes of this coalition business, but i would be pretty sure that Gramps doesn't like it. i base this on the fact that Gramps doesn't particularly approve or like anything that any politician does, bar resign.

well, there you go! as i have been reasonably polite about my Dad, who knows? perhaps more pictures shall follow soon!

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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