Wednesday, September 22, 2010

the boys in green

hey everyone

as Great Grandma Harland very kindly sent some wonderful new t-shirts for the boys, what better excuse do i need to take a couple of pictures of them showing them off?

taking pictures of either James or William is a bit of a struggle since neither particularly likes sitting still. oddly, as James loves holding on to William, it is usally a bit easier to get a picture of them together!

note the use of the word usually, though. William can only sit still forso long before he feels the need to crawl or climb somewhere!

i am also the proud recipient of some class new shirts, in particular an absolutely ace X-Wing pilot out of Star Wars one that Uncle Colin sent on for me (and presumably the rest of the Harlo gang, although Mum was specific about Colin when she handed it over!). i suspect a pic or two of me in it might feature here eventully, but for the most part i would be pretty sure that you'd rather see the boys than me. and why not?

for a last picture for this post, here's an absolute gem of one of William. with apologies to Orwell fans, it seems that Little Brother is watching you...

many thanks to Great Grandma Harland for the wonderful t-shirts and other gifts, and indeed to everyone else that sent stuff along!

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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