Monday, September 13, 2010

Back Seat Drivers United......

hey everyone

well, at nine and a bit months, William was finding his first car chair a little snug, to put it mildly! added to that the fact that James seemed to be outgrowing his car seat, at least one new one was required, and thus so it came to be that a new one was obtained!

here is James in his rather smart new "booster" seat, with William taking over James' old one!

a pretty good reaction to them so far, it must be said. i am not sure which element James is most excited about - the fact that he gets to use a "grown up" seat belt, that his chair has 2 (two) cup holders or that he gets to sit in the back with his brother!

William was a bit bewildered (well, he looked it) at going out this morning without being in his chair, and was equally curious as to why he was sitting in what he knew as his brothers' seat. however, once he clocked how much space he had, and that he could look all around and see what was going on, he was a mixture of excited and tired, as he has a nice little nap whenever we sit him in it!

now, i just can't wait for when we all go on a drive together. i have little or no doubt that the two of them shall conspire to dictate to the unfortunate driver all that they are doing wrong as we go along!

meanwhile, a bit of a day of mixed fortunes for the boys, really. James got to go off to a rather smart theatre show as a school day trip, something he loved as he got to go on stage and be part of the stories! William, however, went off for his nine month measles injections. i leave it to you to decide who probably got the best deal of the day!

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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