Wednesday, June 02, 2010

William and the Walking Ring

hey everyone

well, William is now six months old! to celebrate the occasion, and to respect his desire to get up and going, Michele got him a most splendid walking ring device today!

although it is a walking ring, it isn't actually a walking ring as such yet. we've got the break thingies on it for now, so it's more a kind of a standing / sitting ring whilst he gets used to the idea.

and, if we say so ourselves, it's an idea he seems pretty happy and content with!

there are many buttons on the device, buttons which if pressed make an impressive array of noises. that was all the inspiration James needed to come along and help out his brother with his new toy!

the more purist of parents out there will of course argue the merits of making sure babies can crawl before they walk. no fear, for William is already having brief goes at that too. as i recall, James spent a good deal of time pushing himself around in his walker before having a go at crawling, and doing the two at the same time certainly hasn't harmed him!

after a while, William seemed to get the idea that climbing out of the walker might be a good idea. well, it was either that he wanted to climb out of it or he wanted to "make it go" - see for yourself.

and why would William wish to either get around or go for a walk with it? well, there have been these two furry things around the house that he keeps seeing and wishing to grab. i believe that he feels this walking ring device machine thing is the means to the end of grabbing at least one of them. look carefully at the next picture!

dear me, look at his face as he thinks he can at last obtain the tail! it is going to be excellent when he is capable of chasing cats all by himself!!

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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