Sunday, June 20, 2010

James and William in June

hey everyone

well, it's dawned on me that i haven't really given you an update on the boys for a couple of weeks. chalk it up as being very, very cold for messing around with cameras, and indeed us all being somewhat distracted by a certain event going on down here at the moment!

here's James showing off exactly how cold it is here at the moment!

and indeed William is not finding it any warmer!

not that the cold weather is putting them off their stride at all. James has had a rather good weekend, taking Grandma and Grandad, not to forget Marmite, off for a walk over the weekend. he also got taken to the toy shop by Grandma and had a whole load of something called "Bakugan" bought for him. i mention this because later James told me, in precise detail, what roads and turns i had to take and into which shop i had to go from Grandma's house to get him more!

William, meanwhile, is developing an incredible appetite for eating. we are still giving him bottle, of course, but he's well into eating now too. most cereal and those first fruit puree thingies. you know, like the ones RoboCop ate in RoboCop. he's also really finding his voice - happily mostly giggles, but every now and then a scream when he wants his food.

what kind of scream? ever see Father Ted? remember Father Jack? yeah, something like that!

the pic above and the one below, by the way, were it seems taken by James whilst i was out and about shopping today. i came home and found them on my camera!

well, there you go! will try and make the next update a bit sooner! as William did a bit of a roll on the bed today (mostly to just try and grab James) i am expecting crawling to start soon!

hope wherever you are is warmer than where i am!!

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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