Sunday, June 06, 2010

rock and roll dreams come true

hey everyone

well, the single biggest even to hit the African continent happens, as we all know, in June 2010. what some of you may have missed, however, is the fact that it happened on Friday! yes, Lyla's first ever school concert went off without a hitch. despite fears, there was no delay to the start, no power cuts and absolutely no problem accommodating the overseas visitors for the event. nice one!

needless to say, with the estimated worldwide viewing figures, Lyla was somewhat apprehensive and a little nervous before it all started.

however, with such careful preparation, and by all accounts a good deal more successful and smoother ticket sales than the lesser event which starts next week, Lyla was soon able to avail herself of all such fears and concerns, for the concert was a most triumphant success!

after the concert it was time to bask in the glory if what a success it was. Lyla told Grandma all about the trials and tribulations of putting on such a show and the various dramas backstage, whilst Grandma explained that they used to have the same problem backstage with the likes of Jimi Hendrix and The Who.

knowing the cultural, economical, social and to a degree political, importance of the concert, it was decided (rather wisely) to film the event, both for historical reference and so those many millions who were unable to get tickets could watch the event at a later stage.

the wisdom of decision was placed in the hands of Richard to act on, and fortunately Dad managed to take one of those highly iconic images of Richard in action.

the image of Richard filming this event shall no doubt reverberate throughout history, both through the world as we know it and whatever species evolves after we are all gone.

Richard, my brother, i am proud to say will now be heralded as an icon of cinematic genius, just like the greatest living director in the world at the moment, Martin Scorsese.

indeed, if i may be so bold, the image you see of Richard will stand in good ground next to this famous image of the greatest director in the history of cinema, the late, great Stanley Kubrick.

the iconic image of Richard will be cemented, however, in a way that those of Scorsese and Kubrick never were. as far as i am aware (and i would sort of welcome correction to this statement if you have evidence), unlike Richard, Scorsese and Kubrick were never recorded giving their arse a good, enjoyable celebratory scratch after a successful film shoot....

we are delighted to see and hear that the concert went well! we are looking forward to seeing Richard's presumably excellent film of the event!

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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