Sunday, May 17, 2009

photo season returns to New Zealand

hi everyone

well, it seems that once again people can take pictures in the land they call New Zealand with gay abandon. many thanks to Gillian, Grant, Daniel and Katie for sending some new ones.

by the way, does anyone have any rational answer as to why "New Zealand" fails a spelling check thingie? do the Americans who designed all the software (and thus enforced their inane grammar and spelling on us) think that it's all part of Australia or something?

anyway, first up it's a rare picture of the superhero they call New Zealand Man.....

now, i am not allowed to reveal his secret identity, and further i am not in any way, shape or form allowed to discuss how much he looks like Daniel. let us just leave him to do his work!

on the subject of Daniel, however, it seems that he and Katie are sworn to a mission whereby they make Grant's morning as interesting as possible. James does similar things, insomuch as he doesn't like getting out of bed on a cold morning (who does?). he doesn't, however, subject me to this treatment. yet.

what a good sport, Grant, it makes mornings look like fun!!

onwards, then, to a place called Matheson Bay. they all went off for the weekend to this fine looking place, and it would seem they had fantastic fun. Katie found a rather elegant, excellent play castle to become Queen of!

and when not dispensing Royal summons from there, it looks like Katie found the time to go for a walk along a rather sandy beach in a place called Omaha. now that is interesting; i type Omaha and get no spelling quarrel, but still do with New Zealand.

looks all very nice, if not a touch windy when you all went to visit!

now then, here's one of those pics which speak for itself, so i will add nothing to it. enjoy!

and finally, many of you probably are not missing my comments about sheep. for the one or two of you that are, however, i must confess i think that making comments about Grant and sheep are childish, silly and getting a little stale. i will not, then, be writing about Grant and sheep in this post.

how fortunate, then, that Grant would willingly pose by some llamas for a picture, and how wise or unwise of Gillian to make sure that i got a copy of it!

i have not before encountered or heard any tales of having fun with llamas, i must confess. however, that low-ish, easy to climb or cut down fence couple with the smile on Grant's face suggests that, much like with the sheep, Grant could probably [TEXT OBSCURED ON LEGAL ADVICE] without having to get as much wear and tear on the knees as usual. that said, the llamas do look somewhat faster than the average sheep, so i would imagine that Grant would probably have to [TEXT OBSCURED ON LEGAL ADVICE], or in an extreme case ask someone else to hold the leash and politely look away.

many thanks for the new pictures!!!!

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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