Thursday, May 14, 2009

my wondeful, magnificent mother-in-law

hi everyone

well, my darling wife and, as it happens, my mother-in-law never ever tire of telling me that i have a wonderful, fantastic mother-in-law. it is very kind indeed of them to remind me; one would simply hate to inadvertently forget this little gem of knowledge.

in the earnest and sincere hope of letting them know that i know this, i have decided to do a pictorial tribute to her. if i am very lucky, it will make them happy, and give me every excuse to snooze on the couch on an afternoon over some weekends and thus not happily and of my free will be forced to go and visit her.

here, then, is my (as mentioned) dear mother-in-law, getting ready to travel on her preferred mode of transport.

now, to the untrained eye, it might look like i have coerced her into posing on a broom to imply, suggest or even perhaps outright say that she is some sort of witch. well, as this is not a broom but some sort of leaf rake thing that i thought was a broom, there is that myth dispelled. likewise, it is wholly unfair, immoral and wrong to suggest that i refer to her as "the wicked witch of the east". if, and this is a big if, i had ever called her that, i would imagine it was only on each and every single instance in which she came up in conversation.

actually, we really do get along just fine. we have rather similar tastes and a peculiar shared sense of humour, and think that she has brought up, or is bringing up, three wonderful children.

which is why it is such good fun to post pics like this one below, i guess!

hope you have enjoyed this special tribute Monica, luvvies as ever xxxxx

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!! even, in exceptional cases, your mother-in-law !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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