Thursday, May 14, 2009

Happy Birthday Dylan!

hey everyone

well, a belated happy birthday to Dylan, who turned 11 yesterday. this post being a little late is fine, as we held his birthday party somewhat early last weekend. which, i have just clocked, makes this update even later. erm......

now, Dylan is a well brought up lad (thanks to my wonderful mother-in-law), and it is rare that he ever asks for anything in the world. he did, however, ask if it was at all possible for him to have a PS 2 for his birthday. we explained to him very nicely that they are rather expensive, but we would try and get him something that he would appreciate and like all the same. he understood this, and just got on with things.

in retrospect, though, we decided that he had been a very good boy with his studies at school, and perhaps deserved a treat. and it's not like the credit card company was doing anything intelligent with the money anyway, and so.....

well worth getting him one to see the joy and surprise on his face! we are very happy to have been able to get you one, Dylan - hope that you are still enjoying playing with it!

i think the main reason he wanted one of these was because that's all you could get a Ben 10 game on. i have no clue what a Ben 10 is, even though Dylan very kindly and patiently explained it all to me. irrespective of my age now apparently being one where you don't "get" these new things (what's a blu ray?), we got him that game too!!

Monica, my most wonderful and excellent mother-in-law, laid on an ace party full of treats for all the children. this allowed James plenty of time to play and eat sweets with his much loved Uncle Dylan, as well as his cousins.

now, yes. there have indeed been instances where i have found myself outside on a blanket with a blonde or three myself son. and you know what? yes, i did exactly what you did under those circumstances, which is have a good sit down and read a most splendid book. no, you cynical bunch, i am not just writing that because my wife reads this. honest, i just read a book; the name of which escapes me for the moment.

oh dear, look! a masked monster approaches the party!

phew! what a relief, it's just James playing away!

considering James' outright aversion to wearing a hat, or combing and washing his hair, i was surprised that he quite liked wearing a mask. impressed, but surprised all the same!

now, what's an early birthday party without a really good early birthday cake? here's Dylan with his best friend Cobain admiring the beauty of a Ben 10 cake!

and, of course, the purveyor and purchaser of all things quality Ben 10 cake related, my much cherished mother-in-law. actually, on my list of mother-in-laws, she is number one on all of them that i have.

righty-ho, so how did the birthday present we got Dylan work out? very well indeed, really, especially as his Auntie Tasha got him an ace Ben 10 controller thingie for it!

it was very kind of James to sit in and be of help to Dylan in working out the mysteries and magic of the machine. James has, after all, commandeered mine as his own, and is quite a wizard with it!

well, there you go. we had a most wonderful day, and are delighted that Dylan had a very good time too!

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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