Thursday, May 14, 2009

Banned Street Preachers

hey everyone

on 18 May 2009, the Manic Street Preachers release their 9th studio album, Journal For Plague Lovers. it certainly sounds like being an extraordinary album, and i dare say that i will (ahem) post a review after the release date, when i will have (cough, splutter) heard it, as obviously there's no way i could (whistle, whistle) hear it before then.

the album features one of the best, most enchanting artworks yet. this is saying something, as the Manics releases (except perhaps Know Your Enemy) feature fabulous covers. here is the cover.

you had better look at it here, as it seems that, according to this article, store propose to cover up the artwork, as it might "be inappropriate if it were prominently displayed on the shelf. ".

there is much i could say of the stupidity of this decision, but why should i when Mr James Dean Bradfield sums it :

"You can have lovely shiny buttocks and guns everywhere in the supermarket on covers of magazines and CDs, but you show a piece of art and people just freak out."

buy this album, cherish the music within (which i assume at this stage is excellent), and burn any and all covers that attempt to hide away this beautiful painting.

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! except thick philistines that wish to suppress the Manics!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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