Saturday, April 18, 2009

the horse whisperer

hey everyone

well, today we took James off for a bit of a surprise. the very noble and worthy organization Animals In Distress held a Teddy Bears' Picnic on their farm in Midrand today, so we went along to support it.

James was rather excited about the idea of going on a horse ride, it has to be said. however, when we got to the horses, he changed his mind. this isn't the first time he's done this! i don't think that it's because he's scared of the horses, he just perhaps doesn't like the idea of climbing onto one.

just to clarify that a bit, he's not scared of them at all!

James seems to take a shine to all animals, really. he loved walking around the grounds, looking at the horses, sheep, cows, dogs and all other animals that need a safe home. of course, we didn't tell him that the animals are there because they are poorly, we just wanted him to have fun.

the whole Teddy Bears' picnic was wonderful. there were two gents with acoustic guitars playing some classic songs (they did a really good version of Venus for a start!), some girls from a nearby school did a great song and dance routine, and there was "donkey pooh bingo". James was a bit tired so we left before either of the two donkeys had poohed on a number, but if ours got poohed on in the filed (42), they will call us next week! Michele also had a go at "pin the tail on the donkey" (not a real donkey), and James wasn't sure where to start with face painting, colouring in boards and jumping castles, so he rather just watched them all instead of doing them!

going back to the fondness James has for animals, here's James with his hat off. he was very concerned to see flies landing on the horses' nose, and so took his hat off to wave them away from his new friend!

it really was a fantastic way to spend a morning, and i hope that it has helped raise some funds for this very worthwhile cause. i did manage to find a book sale there too; James now has two Masters Of The Universe books. one of them, by pure fate, already has "James" written in crayon on the inside!

now, regular readers of this page will know that my dear brother-in-law Grant will have been very excited to see me casually mention sheep in the rundown of animals there. here you go Grant, just for you!

Animals In Distress are, as you could imagine, reliant on any and all donations to keep going. they are good-hearted people who are doing a wonderful job, so we shall certainly be supporting them in any and all ways we can going forward.

hope you all had a fun Saturday morning too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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