Monday, April 20, 2009

the three Rs......... in Ridley Scott, Russel Crowe and Robin Hood!

this film is due for release in 2010, so there's a little while to go yet, but at least one picture has emerged from the set thus far!

now, a lot of people are mumbling about this. the main gripes would be that they can't see Russel Crowe in the part, hoping instead that Christian Bale would have taken it on. well, Bale as Robin Hood and Crowe as the Sheriff of Nottingham would have had some appeal i guess. more appeal that Ridley's first (and i think since rejected) idea of Crowe playing both parts, at least.

my view, however, was that the standard of actor suitability to to play Robin Hood dropped to practically anyone (except the horrid Jack Black) being qualified to play the part after Kevin Costner was seen as a good choice for it.
as the picture shows, however, thus far Mr Crowe at least looks the part. Ridley Scott has a rather good record with films, let's trust him!

i would imagine that all proper film fans, as in not those who just complain about every film ever made, wish this project well.

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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