Saturday, April 04, 2009

to show from where i came

hi everyone

well, as part of his trip, my Dad was able to go and see our good and dear friend Tony in Brisbane. Tony hasn't been too well of late; if you are reading this we all hope that you are feeling better, and certainly trust that my Dad popping in for a bit was a good and welcome surprise!

whilst in Brisbane, Dad decided to take his camera along and get some pictures of the two places we lived whilst living in this magnificent city. first up, then, was a drive along Dargie street to go and snap away at the beautiful house we lived in there.

this looks exactly like i remember it some 27 or so years later! although, truth be told, i don't remember there being two garages, but i am sure Dad would have mentioned it if one had only been built recently!

ah, now this next one is ace...

that swimming pool was ace! i remember that on one April 1 we decided to wake Dad up at 6am to tell him that it was on fire. he kind of staggered out of bed (in his pyjamas, of course), and looked at a pool that wasn't on fire whilst we stood their laughing. i also recall that Richard and i re-enacted the opening credits of the ace Aussie TV children show Boris The Bear around the pool. erm, this more or less just involved falling into the pool, but it was still fun! at least i think that was the name of the show - help, Richard & Gillian?

you may be pleased to know that Dad sought the permission of the current owner of this fine house before taking the pictures. this is a rather good thing, since that last one involved climbing on their perimeter wall to take!

sadly, no such permission was required to be granted when my Dad visited Springfield Crescent to take pics of our last home in Brisbane......

for some reason (my Dad didn't have that much time and thus couldn't really find any information) our old house, number 62, and the two that were either side of it, have been removed from the face of Brisbane! you can at least see the driveway (there's a pic somewhere on this site of us stood on it) and guess where the house was, but otherwise, nothing!

this is actually rather sad to look at, really. there's nothing but fond memories of our home there from me, and it's a shame that there is not another family there right now, enjoying a beautiful home in a fantastic area of the world.

oh well, what can i say? if by some miracle you are reading this and know why the three houses on Springfield Crescent were destroyed or demolished, please leave a comment!

right then, let me sift through the thousands of other pictures and see what i can find to post here! yes, Gillian, some will feature you lot! and sheep!!

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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