Wednesday, April 22, 2009

our friend Fred fishes his whopper out and waves it about in France.....

hey everyone

well, you may very well remember our good friend Fred appearing on this site a little while ago. yes, that's right, he was the gent who was on holiday here when Johannesburg Water decided to just have water outside of houses instead of letting it flow through the pipes to the taps within the house, and thus had a shower in the street.

when Fred is not visiting us, he has many, many fine interests that keep him occupied. one of them would be the noble art of fishing. thanks to the glory of the interwebnet thingie, i am delighted to be able to show off some of his fine catches here!

these pics are from an expedition to France. i would suggest, then, that they have some rather large fish in the waters of France!

whilst we all love and admire Fred and all that he has done, this next picture is a touch on the sinister looking side, isn't it? rather than Fred, he looks like "Don Fredo", and the look on his face suggests that he's thinking "any more pictures and you will be sleeping with the fishes".

nice one Fred, congratulations on what very much looks like a rather successful trip across the channel! erm, unless of course these fish were the ones that upset the French fishermen so much that the barricaded the ports, in which case you may want to keep a low profile!

in the mean time, we all hope you and Chris are doing well, and we of course look forward to your next visit. we promise to try and make sure that the water works along more conventional means when you are here!

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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