Sunday, January 25, 2009

on the throne

hello again

well, i wasn't too sure on these pictures appearing here really, but Michele seemed to find them as funny as i do, so here we go!

James has more or less got the hang of this "going to the bathroom" business; i dare say he has less "accidents" than most of us adults, really. in his wisdom, he more or less decided to skip trying out a potty first, instead opting to use the same loo as Mummy and Daddy, but with a "trainer seat".

the training seat didn't last long at all, and so one gets to see a rather interesting balancing act / disappearing trick every time James feels a call of nature!

wisely, it has to be said, James has discovered that the bathroom is an ideal place to catch up on some reading. it is remarkable that he somehow keeps his balance and holds and reads his beloved Batman book!

well done son, i imagine it won't be long before when you are at Grandma and Grandad's you will be taking Grandad's racing page off with you to the loo!!

and, of course, at home whenever i am missing one of my books or magazines, i guess i will know where to look!

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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