Wednesday, January 28, 2009

belated birthday pictures

hey everyone

well, i did think it was rather strange that we didn't get any pictures of James' birthday party at school back in December! with all sorts going on i never queried it, but as chance would have it they found some on the computer today and sent them on!!!

it's rather odd looking at "new" pics of him with his long-ish hair, even though it's less than a month since he had his "air cute" as he calls it!

he was rather taken with his Superman cake, i would be rather surprised if he didn't put up something of a fight about letting anyone else have some of it!!!!

anyway, a very nice blast from the past! of course, if you are wondering, in the world of James Superman is now old fashioned and "just so last year". the current love, i am delighted to report, is a little known series of films which all bear the title Star Wars..................

may the force be with you!
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