Sunday, January 25, 2009

Lego Batman

hey everyone

well, one of the most ace presents i got for Christmas was the magnificent Lego Batman game for my rarely used PlayStation 2 from Mum and Dad. James, however, has decided that Grandma and Grandad in fact got him this game for his new-ish, rarely used PlayStation 2!

every day, if he's been a (by his standards) reasonably good boy, James gets to mess around with Batman, Robin, Bat Girl and all his other favourites for about half an hour or so before bath and bed time.

i could spin you some sort of tale about how it improves eye-hand co-ordination, gets him used to working with computers and all that stuff, i suppose. i imagine it does do some good like that, but the important thing is that James has enormous fun with it!

well, it looks like enormous fun at least. we rarely get to have a go at it ourselves, unless he gets really stuck with something. normally it's best to just leave him to get on with it, but every now and then it doesn't hurt to try and pinch the controller off him.......

....but you rarely get away with it!

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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