Sunday, January 04, 2009

the new Superman?

hey everyone

well, regular readers of my musings will be all too aware that James currently is rather taken with the wonders of Superman. the music, films and cartoons are all currently the best thing in the world ever for James, with the exception of the odd break for something called Handy Manny on the Disney channel.

so, when James was kindly sent some pocket money for Christmas by his great Grandma and Gramps, there wasn't really much else that James wanted other than his very own Superman outfit!

now, i don't recall any of the films featuring Superman just lazing about on the couch, but that seems to be the ideal thing for James in his outfit!

ho hum, rather this than him trying to fly! on that note, i think James has clocked that it's only Superman that can actually fly. it could have been an incident like that Jerry Seinfeld routine of course. you know, the one where Jerry is impressed with the warning on the Superman outfit box that one cannot fly whilst wearing it; "as if there is a kid that thinks the outfit would make him be able to fly, but takes the time to check that on the warnings on the box".

sorry again for the less than perfect quality of the pictures - James was having none of posing for pictures, so i had to snap away quickly. the "bleach" look is probably caused by the bright sun outside not going down too well with me leaving the flash on!!

so far all efforts we have made to get James to change out of his class Superman outfit have failed. oh well, he's happy for the moment, so fingers crossed that we can get him to slip on something less Krypton heavy after he's had a bath!!

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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