Sunday, August 29, 2010

images from the New Zealand way of doing things.....

hey everyone

well, Gillian finally gets around to sending me some new pictures of how all is going over in New Zealand, and i take over a week to get around to putting up some highlights! sorry!

first off Katie and Daniel have been going for some swimming lessons. this is a good thing indeed, but rather puzzling is the fact that they went to a swimming pool to have the lessons. my understanding is that New Zealand consists mostly of water and sheep, so why one would build a swimming pool there has me at a loss in the way of explaining. maybe they build the pools indoors so that the sheep don't swim in them?

now, i am assured that this really is Katie and Daniel having swimming lessons. the "mist" effect is, according to Gillian, due to the type of chlorine they use to clean the pools there. now, there are a number of reasons why i would one day like to visit the land / waters of New Zealand, but added to this can be the fact that i can create mist at will simply by cleaning a pool!

other than swimming, Katie has been pefecting her photography skills, it seems. well, we let James play with our camera, so why not? in particular if Katie is going to take splendid pictures such as this one.

that's a colouring in picture i posted them a little while ago! nice to know they had fun with it, and indeed wanted to show me how they had tackled it!

and here's a pic of the rest of Katie's family!

yes, it is rather strange to see Grant sat without any accounting memorabillia, isn't it? perhaps it was taken on a non-accounting day, if such a thing happens to exist.

returning briefly to reasons to visit New Zealand, here is Daniel with a magnificent cake that his Mummy made for him.

the reason this cake was made was for reasons of excellence - Daniel went to the toilet all by himself! as i am pretty good at going to the bathroom all by myself, and seldom make all that much of a mess, can you imagine how many cakes my sister will be making for me when i go over there?

as i, more often that not, return from the bathroom with my underwear in a similar position to Daniel, the cakes shall be mine. oh yes, the cakes shall be mine!

many thanks for the pics, Gillian! good luck with this whole "power ball" thingie!

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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