Monday, August 16, 2010

holiday pictures

hey everyone

as promised with the post showing off James eating a cheeseburger for breakfast (nice one son!), here are some more photos from our usual week away in Sun City!

there are many, many things to do at Sun City, it has to be said. there are also things you can do there that the owners or managers of the place didn't quite have in mind. like, for instance, reconstruct the play areas in your own vision. this is what James did.

whilst we were having breakfast the one morning James went off to the play area and was, by his standards, being a bit too quiet. when i went to investigate, i found him moving the massive soft blocks from one side of the area to the other. his reason for doing this? because he believed they would make a most excellent ramp and slide sort of thing on the steps in and out of the place.

he seems to have been quite right with this architectural masterpiece!

on the subject of breakfast, here are the two boys eagerly awaiting breakfast time, if for somewhat different reasons.

whereas William believes food to be the best thing ever and cannot get enough of it, James sees eating as a nuisance and a distraction. he is eager for breakfast to land because he knows once it has been and gone he can get on to better things!

and for James, for the most part, better things tends to be spending time with his brother.

Sun City is of course famous for a certain event every December. here is James thrilled at the idea of a massive sandpit for him to play in, just before some hopefuls for that event in December came along and asked if we would mind terribly if we let them get on with their game!

swimming is also a fairly big activity at Sun City. the most excellent childrens adventure island pool remains, alas, unheated, and thus James lasted precisely three minutes in it. never mind, we soon found some heated pools. heated or not, William is not quite ready for the water as of yet, but he is happy to sit by the pool, licking some of Mummy's ice cream!

James, meanwhile, hasn't quite got the hang of swimming as of yet, but he is trying his best to listen and learn how to do it. he's having far too much fun sitting in the shallow areas and splashing away to pay too much attention, though!

and here's James stood in front of the impressive monkey fountain near the Valley Of The Waves. he was complaining bitterly about the noise from the fountain, but agreed to stand in front of it for a picture because he knows that Auntie Susan likes monkeys. Susan, this one, then, is for you!

whereas he isn't quite ready for swimming, William is having a jolly good go at this crawling business. here he is having a brief go at it - although, if i am honest, he seemed more interested in pulling up some grass and trying to eat it than he was in getting mobile.

for the record, we do in fact feed William; quite a bit really. it just seems never ever to be enough!

as far as feeding goes, well, when we went to see the big massive crocodiles it wasn't their feeding time, but it could well have been time for a snack if James had ventured any closer to them!

actually, James did get rather close to one crocodile, as you can see here!

James was rather impressed that this crocodile could walk around and would wave at him and shake his hand!

James did notice a zip on the back of this crocodile, but i think i did a reasonable job of convincing him that it wasn't a man in a suit, but in fact a special kind of crocodile that is born in such a way.

well, there you have it. i dare say there are one or two other pics here that it will pop in to my mind to post here soon!

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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