Wednesday, January 27, 2010

more from Lyla's party (sort of)

hey everyone

well, i sort of have 10 - 15 minutes free before it's time for James and William to have a bath, so i figured i would post some new pics as i listen to some rather pleasant music for Gillian's next tape in the car. you probably didn't need to know all of that; now you do.

first up, the "sort of" part, and here's a picture of Grandma with William taken a few days before the great trek beyond the great wall of Witbank. William went and stayed at Grandma for a couple of hours whilst Michele went to that great human engine of efficiency that is Home Affairs.

yes, Home Affairs are spectacular - it will take them a mere 8 to 12 weeks (that's right, weeks) to produce William's birth certificate, this all being no less than 6 (six) weeks after we registered his birth so that they would have had the chance to get him on the system. you may detect some sarcasm in this praise of their efficiency, but in light of just how many people have taken their own lives or Home Affairs staff hostage in desperation at waiting years (yes, years) for basic documents, well, take it as you will.

on to happier subjects, and indeed Lyla's birthday. Richard got himself a rather excellent Barbie guitar and microphone, which for some reason he passed off as one of Lyla's presents. here's Grandad licking some ace Barbie sounding riffs on it whilst Lyla sings away!

and on the subject of Grandad, here he is quite happily sitting with baby William!

now, you may have noted that Grandad had hair that was more green than usual in the above picture. this is not a usual "bad" picture taken by me as such; it rather has more to do with Erika getting very excited with some hairspray that she had invested in.

Grandad was not the only one to have coloured hair, as i invite you to observe.

it was very handy that i had green hair, really, as i got to go into a service station on the way home and buy some ice cream. twice, actually, as i apparently got James the wrong on entirely. just to make sure that the staff of the establishment noticed my hair, my Dad walked in with me and drew the attention of all and sundry to the colour.

i believe Richard has decided to stick with the colour of his hair in the picture above; by all accounts it will make him one of the more popular attendees of their infrequent (but all the same far too frequent) Barbara Streisand nights down the pub.

the more observant of you will have seen Lyla's trampoline in the background. going on my vast experience of trampoline assembly, i have to say that Erika did a fine job of putting the caps on the bolts. for a first go.

and finally, one of Michele with Baby William, caught somewhat off-guard as they were coming outside. Grandad is always, always ready with the camera!

well, there you go! once again, it was an ace day out!! Lyla's birthday that is, not Home Affairs!

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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