Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Happy Birthday Lyla!

hey everyone

blimey, this is a touch late, but here's a post to celebrate Lyla's 3rd birthday! in defence of the delay we were at her lovely birthday party, and i just haven't had the chance to do an update. here we go with some pics, then!

first off, James is always on hand to help any and all birthday boys and girls open their presents!

well, most of the time - if he doesn't like the look of the wrapping he can be persuaded to allow the intendend recipient open the gift!

and here's James and Lyla proudly with what James had got Lyla - an ace looking doll and doggie toy with a red trolley to drag them along in!

Lyla managed to get the doll, doggie and all sorts of things into the trolley - it looked good as she pushed it along, right until the point that everything fell out!

now, what better way to spend a mild, overcast day than standing in a pool of ice cold water and spreading the cold water around for a bit?

some (some) of the water ended up in the pool, which was a bonus!

and finally, what's a birthday without a splendid cake?

i must say i have noticed that James always somehow manages to be stood in front of and at the centre of any and all birthday cakes, a spot usually reserved for the birthday boy or girl!

well, we had a most splendid day out - thank you to Richard and Erika for the rather large amounts of food on offer (and the majority of that which Richard made me eat), and indeed an extra special thank you to Lyla for letting us share her most special and excellent day with her!!

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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