Saturday, January 09, 2010

Happy Birthday Trevor!

hey everyone

blimey, there are a lot of important birthdays at the moment! yesterday saw celebrations for David Bowie and of course The King, Elvis Presley, but the big one is today! Happy Birthday, Uncle Trevor!!!!

time for some pictures then! right, this first one took a little bit of careful editing. according to the parallel timeline Trevor seems trapped in he seems to believe that he has not quite reached his 30s yet. that being the case, this picture must then have been taken "only" 15 or so years ago....

....erm, yes Trevor. i had to hide everyone else in the picture, then!

next up is a very smart picture from the recent pile of pics Dad scanned. here's Trevor with the most important thing in his life - no, not his impressive collection of Bee Gees (and assorted 70s legends) records, the family!

of the many, many stories i could tell of Trevor, one really sticks in my mind. it sort of starts with me getting home from school and having Grandad Stanley look at me funny, saying "bloody strange film, that", whilst Trevor stood looking like he had just had the fright of his life.

it turns out that i had recorded some film or other for them (quite possibly a western) and left the video tape of it next to the machine. also next to the machine, however, was my prized copy of the film Hellraiser, which they had picked up and watched instead.

now, you would have thought that around the time that the Cenobites had started putting hooks and chains into people and tearing them apart (literally) the two of them would have clocked that there were no horses or saloons in the film, but no, they watched the whole thing anyway!

a-ha, a picture of me and Trevor together! this is at Colin & Angela's wedding, i believe. although it isn't in the parallel universe Trevor is in, because in that Colin & Angela are not quite old enough to get married.....

"why buy a book when there's a library down the road?" was always the philosophy Trevor took to settling down or marriage. i used to consider this the wisest advice i had ever received, but now Michele assures me that i am in fact happily married and thus, apparently, have to disagree.

well, Trevor, i hope you like this mention here! i still have sat here, in the condition you gave it to me, the 12" of Holly Johnson's Love Train single! if i get the chance i shall take it out and play it - if not, shall try for some Bee Gees or Kylie on your behalf!

finally, though, a picture of Trevor now, or possibly 20 years into the future depending on which timeline you are living in. here he is with the lovely Ruby, inspecting all the fine snow!!

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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