Tuesday, March 08, 2011

William pottering

hey everyone

well this was somewhat inevitable. William is proving to be quite tricky to get pictures of at the moment, just as his brother James was when he started walking around!

i have done my best to get a few new pictures, but as you can see he would rather try and grab the camera instead of simply pose for a picture.

indeed, sometimes he does a little bit better than try and does in fact manage to get his hands on it!

i do really rather like that picture above!

instead of trying to get him to be still i have instead tried to get images of him as he goes around doing his thing. for some reason, though, his "thing" usually involves taking items of rubbish, mostly empty bottles, from the kitchen to go and deposit in other parts of the house.....

i am not 100% sure why William has decided that this is a top, if you will bangin' idea, but there's no stopping him - not even when James tries to counter-offer messing about with rubbish by suggesting instead they rather play in their very class Star Wars tent.

it's not limited to relocating rubbish, by the way. when it is time for bath William gets really excited, as he sees it as the time to go and grab all the soap, toothpaste and toilet paper in the cupboard that he can and throw it down the stairs. we briefly played with the idea of encouraging him to stop, but as James thinks that doing this is also rather class we have no chance of stopping it. never mind, you soon get used to a life full of dented soap!

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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