Thursday, March 24, 2011


hi everyone

well, the title is the only suitable reference i can make to the best song ever about a train ride off The Who's magnificent Quadrophenia album. i am obliged to point out that they didn't get the train at this time, and at no point was anyone below "out of their brain on a train".

now, with that disclaimer out the way......

with Michele needing an early start in the hospital, James went to stay with Grandma and Grandad the night beofre to make the morning less of a battle. and a battle it was, as it took me 90 minutes to drive no more than 5 kilometers back from the clinic, such is our excellent traffic management here! i mention the last bit as one of the (long overdue) initiatives to battle traffic problems (as employing competent people to manage it is out of the question) is the ambitious "Gautrain" project.

whereas the intention of the Gautrain is to connect major points for commuters, at this stage the only bit really running properly is from the place where the rich and shameless live, Sandton, and the major airport in Johannesburg. as a treat, Grandma and Grandad took James for a ride on it!

James was rather impressed with it (which is just as well, considering the cost of a ticket on it), and to my surprise didn't get worried about the parts where it goes underground, in fact he seemed to quite like it!

there is an allegation that this Gautrain will soon be running, at a reasonable price and at reliable times, from not so far from where we live to not so far to where i verk. if this is true, bonus, i would love to leave the car at home!

in the mean time, though, James is quite taken with them as said, although he thinks they should be called "bullet trains"; possibly as they are rather fast but mostly because i believe he saw the boys from Top Gear messing around on one of the actual bullet trains in Japan not so long ago.

the train wasn't the only highlight of the day for James, of course. this was the first time that James had been to the airport outside of Mummy's tummy, and he was well taken with how they take off and land!

glad you had an ace day out, son, and thanks again to Grandma and Grandad for looking after him so well for the day!

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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