Monday, January 24, 2011

Lyla's birthday party

hey everyone

well, another year, another round of birthdays to celebrate! we have already thus far been able to be blessed enough to celebrate the birthday of Uncle Trevor, David Bowie and of course The King, Elvis Presley. time, then, to celebrate even more with another birthday for Lyla!

unfortunately we couldn't make it through to celebrate, partly because of James being wary of the trip there somewhat due to what happened to my magnificent car on the way back, but mostly because they decided to close down vast chunks of the highway for some overdue (and still not properly done) roadworks. oh dear, we shall soon get together and have another party!

perhaps it's just as well we didn't make it - James can get rather jealous and protective of his cousin Lyla, and it looks like a Prince Charming came along to whisk the Birthday Princess off her feet on the dancefloor!

now, it really is rare that i would proverbially put anything past my brother Richard. however, mindful of the fact that Lyla's name comes from an Oasis song, i did raise an eyebrow at the idea of shoving a whole load of unspecified white powder on the tables for the guests to enjoy.

alas, Liam and Noel (who wouldn't have been invited as they were so rude to Richard when he tried to buy them a pint), it's not what you are thinking/hoping. looks like the powder was some heavy duty, hardcore flour, intended for making some most excellent pizzas!

it looks like a truly excellent time was had by one and all, including, of course, Ruby-Lee Valentine!

nice one!

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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