Sunday, January 16, 2011

A Chocolate Orange

every now and then something happens which has an effect that isn't quite what was expected or hoped for. when Stanley Kubrick, for instance, adapted the novella A Clockwork Orange, it is unlikely he ever thought it would be frequently referenced in criminal courts. in not quite the same vein, i had visions of my sister Gillian doing little more than saying "thank you" when receiving a chocolate orange from your humble narrator, and then simply scoffing it.

whereas Gillian was delighted to receive the chocolate orange, and she can been seen phoning and alerting the press (rather than, say, her brother who got it) below, it wasn't simply the case of admiring it and then eating it.

Gillian has a keen eye for details, and with her usual curiosity decided to check the expiry date for the chocolate orange. this she did and indeed photographed.

as there are some five months before Terry's declare this chocolate orange something akin to unfit for purpose, Gillian is, apparently, having none of eating it on the spot. instead, in her unquestionable wisdom, she's decided to have it locked away for a more appropriate time!

it looks like it has been locked away with a number of other goodies, too!

now, i wouldn't wish to create an image of my sister being heartless, cruel or without compassion, but it does seem to even the most casual of observer that she is having no debate about the chocolate orange being locked away for now. consider, if you will, how Gillian is apparently making Katie exchange her most favourite pair of shoes just to hold the box which contains this citrus loaded confectionary for a moment.

if for some reason you are of a mind that the above strikes you as a fair trade, consider how Gillian is then tormenting Grant with it. as far as i can work out, Gillian is denying that there is even such a thing as chocolate oranges when asked by Grant, never mind owning up to presently being the custodian of one. to rub salt into that denial wound, Gillian then proceeds to taunt Grant with this sought after item whilst he is asleep, and posts images of this humiliation across the whole of the internet!

well, there you go. think very carefully about the consequences of bestowing a gift upon my sister seems to be the moral of this story! one can only hope that, as and when Gillian decides it may be eaten, that it is worth the wait and cost for all!

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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