Thursday, April 15, 2021

distressed trolley of summer

hello there

well, i am not quite so sure, or certain, that this is of summer, look you see. the clock which speaks to me, and each of us all, says we are in the phenomenon of British Summer Time, and so for an easy life i shall just go with the flow. 

so a further, if not particularly exciting (and this you can take as being warned) sighting of a trolley out of its natural environment. with the natural environment for a shopping trolley being, of course, either being melted down or waiting to be melted down in a scrap yard as quick as possible after a swift, cash is tax free transaction. failing that, every now and then one may spot a trolley or two at a supermarket or other such commercial concern. 

actually that's me being (unusually) judgemental, that bit about it being not exciting. you have come all this way, so here you go, have a look at the one what i spotted recently. spotted and was able to get a picture, or two, of. 

certainly, or most decidedly, yes, presented in the greater good and glory of Commodore 64 mode. as would be the usual, or norm, for here. i quite to think some of you, maybe most if not (quite) all, just visit here to look at things in Commodore 64 mode, rather than anything specific. 

this is, if we are honest, not the finest looking trolley what has ever been depicted or otherwise presented here. distressed, i believe, more or less covers it. from a partial distance it actually did not seem too bad, but on closer inspection (and indeed in non Commodore 64 mode) one can see that it has had a little bit of a rough innings. 

unless i am mistaken, do pay particular attention to the handlebar thing, which acts as a quasi rudimentary steering mechanism for most trolleys (trollies). it strikes me as being so that this one has undergone some form of trial by fire. 

on, or at, the front (unsure if it would be defined as near side or far side), that one wheel looks more buckled and bent than is normal for a shopping trolley. yes, believe it or not, they are indeed designed and manufactured with a slight buckle, purely because this makes them difficult to operate and because shopping trolley designers aren't particularly socially adept and do not like anyone. 

further damage seems limited to that trial by fire i mentioned earlier. looking at the non Commodore 64 mode image, it would appear to be fairly substantial. perhaps someone, for some reason, attempted to hold a barbecue in the trolley, bereft as they were of a specific barbecue device grill for such. or maybe it was just wanton vandalism, or someone new to the scrap metal scene trying to melt it down themselves with some spirit cleaner and a cigarette lighter. 

right, all that is left for me to add is yes, of course, should i see any more trollies (trolleys) or such concerns of similar interest i shall certainly try to remember to capture images and present them here. 

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, April 13, 2021

owned by an austrian


so time an circumstance has facilitated, for me, the chance and opportunity to watch (considerably) more films than had been the case of late, look you see. rather than use this wisely to see a few films from the last couple of decades that i have not been or felt able to, of course i have rather gone ahead and watched a thirty seven (37) year old b (or c) grade film what i have seen a fair few times before. there is every ounce of comfort in familiarity. 

yes, then, i found myself watching Conan The Destroyer recently. this would be the thus far, and increasingly appearing to be only (sadly) sequel to the riotous, insane original Conan The Barbarian, once again featuring a prime Arnold Schwarzenegger in the titular role. for the sake of completeness, indeed i did see the remake, re-imagining of the original, starring him out of Game of Dragons and that super hero thing where he was Water Bloke or whatever; it was pretty good but like this particular film did a trifle suffer from being all rather toned down. 

provenance appears to be an important consideration for many of you reading these. well, to go back, the first time what i saw this film was early one Saturday or Sunday morning. i rented it off of petrol station at Marton Shops, back when they both let you have petrol stations right next to school and the video nasty scare really had not happened yet, so basically anyone of any age could walk into a video shop and pretty much rent any title. great days, somewhat revived by that "internet" thing, where just about anyone can access anything, irrespective of the wishes of any censors. me and a mate, who i am not sure i can mention the name of with all the fuss around privacy these days, watched it and found it to be good. subsequent to that i probably watched it another few times in the late 80s. 

i got a little distracted there. anyway, this potentially final watching of the film (to clarify Conan The Destroyer) came via one of them DVD things. one which i got really, really cheap. any by accident. on a whim i felt compelled to have some Grandmaster Flash (occasionally but by no means exclusively with the Furious Five) on the go in my vehicle as i drove around. this i found in the form of one of them free discs what newspapers gave away in the late 90s and early 00s here in the UK. someone had got a load, and was selling them off along the lines of getting 5 for the cost of 4. he had them all priced different, but i think i ended up with 5 (five) discs for just north of £4. most agreeable. indeed i have enjoyed hearing Grandmaster Flash at the correct volume once more, but surely it is more appropriate to discuss the film i have raised as an ostensible subject here. 

the plot? a vaguely but well defined thing. it seems that Conan had opted to spend his spare, or if you like free, time after Conan The Barbarian moping around the shrine to his deceased lover, praying and meditating and what have you, just waiting for people to come along to either offer him a quest or present themselves as being ready for a twatting off of his massive sword. both happen, with evil queen Sarah Douglas (out of Superman II) offering to bring his lass back to life if he succeeds with a dangerous quest. Conan finds this a most agreeable deal to broker. 

above is indeed one particular highlight of the quest Conan (and his chums) go(es) on, where he has to twat a great big sort of lizard type man, bearing a vague resemblance to them alien things out of V what was being made or broadcast around the same time this shall have been in production. but of course this battle requires Conan to use both his impressive strength and generally unheralded cognitive thinking, and i shall leave you to work out who may well have won the duel. 

now, rather than then, i found this to be rather comfortable, relaxing and agreeable viewing. back in my just prior to teenage years and then in early teenage years i no doubt found this very exciting, great and quite class. in the present (or of writing) time, i found it enjoyable enough to watch a movie what i more or less recalled what happened in, but was pleasantly surprised by the one or two moments i had forgotten of. maybe it is an age thing, but i find more enjoyment in watching what i know rather than committing to exploring something new, mostly. 

had i not stumbled upon the disc whilst i was looking for something else (having honestly forgotten that i purchased it), no, i probably would not have watched Conan The Destroyer again. if it were so that i was going to specifically watch an 80s made sword twatting film, then i surely would have selected or chosen the greatest of them all, the magnificence of The Sword And The Sorcerer. which, now that i think, i may well watch again soon. second choice would indeed have been Conan The Barbarian. but, as an accidental find and watch, it worked out fine. 

should it have been so that i wished, in a specific sense, to watch a Schwarzenegger film then it is equally unlikely i would have directly chosen this. my leaning would have been to once again watch his brilliant homoerotic romantic comedy Commando, or possibly the anthropological based, botany project joys of Predator. or yes, that one where he was the naked robot out of the future. but again, this one did just fine, thanks. 

there are many known flaws with the film. for some reason, and against all advice, a decision was made to attempt to make this film accessible to a wider audience than the original. doing this meant toning down several of the elements of the original. sure, there is a significant amount of decapitations and other sword based misfortunes in this film, but nowhere near as graphic or frequent as the original. also, all of that sort of thing (sex) is gone. whilst the original was a dark, gruesome and often erotic fantasy for a mature audience, this is kind of a lighter adventure thing. 

oddly, or strangely, this "toned down" version of Conan actually still worked. brilliant, or at least interesting and engaging, storytelling does not really need excessive tricks like sex and violence, nice though both are from time to time to watch. everything about this film says that there could have been more films, but at the time audiences were not particularly interested in the genre or the less saucy approach, and Schwarzenegger was not all that interested either. 

ah, yes, an unequivocal triumph of Conan The Destroyer is the very, very welcome and excellent presence of Grace Jones as a dangerous, somewhat demented wandering (and very violent) bandit type character. she is class in general, and i would say this is her finest film moment. of course, many would quite reasonably argue her greatest moment was that time when Sir Roger Moore very nearly got, to be frank, f****d to death off of her as May Day in A View To A Kill, which was agreeable. but here at least she has considerably more to do that use her apparently immense sexual prowess to knack Sir Roger, and does so with class and style. 

for those of us in the UK (or as it was, if them with no grasp of reality or in particular economics get their way and break the union so as to live in squalor), there was a somewhat more direct in terms of interest in the cast of the film. 

yes, quite poorly filmed off of the tele by me but still, that is indeed Pat Roach, better known as Bomber out of Auf Wiedersehen Pet. or however one spells it, much like English i would not say languages are a strong point for me. here, in Conan The Destroyer, rather than playing a bricklaying wrestler, he is cast as some sort of warlock or wizard, the keeper of a massive diamond what is needed to unlock the horn for some statute or other. 

Bomber out of Auf Wiedersehen Pet (or whatever) actually had a fairly strong cinematic career in the early 80s. from memory, i believe it was so that he ended up getting twatted twice by Indiana Jones in two different films. also, he twatted Sir Sean Connery a bit in Never Say Never Again, before getting twatted by Sir Sean. he appeared not to get cast in any romantic roles, or anything overtly dramatic. 

the final scene of Conan The Destroyer (perhaps i should have put a spoiler warning somewhere, but never mind now) promised a third installment, be it King Conan or Conan The Conqueror, with the latter likely to maintain a sequence of titles. despite being mooted, and finance being solicited, over the course of the last thirty or so years, it never got made. a bit of a shame, really, as there was every potential to make decent adventures with the whole concept, but there we go. 

perhaps i shall go and buy a somewhat larger telly (or tele) than what i am currently using, which is a serviceable but limited 19" (i think) screen one. this, i think, would be an appropriate and respectable thing to do to watch The Sword & The Sorcerer once more, now that the film has come to mind. class, it was, full of all sorts of violence and nudity and what have you. well, mostly them two. 

right, well, that would be that. i mean there is probably more i could say on the subject, but i would imagine doing so shall just test the patience of anyone reading.

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, April 11, 2021

maybe, possibly

howdy pop misser outers

bit of a grumble, moan or even complaint (kind of) sort of post here, look you see. so, if such would not seem to be of interest to you, move along now. 

one or two of you might well have noticed that i quite like David Bowie. generally, writing his name on something is a pretty easy way to have me hand over money for it. the Bowie Estate clocked that i am not alone in this, and recently released, at a rate of one a month, six Brilliant Live Adventures recordings. 

for some inexplicable (and annoying) reason, they decided to make these "limited edition". so, you had to be very f*****g fast to get your order in as and when they announced the next set. it was so that with some sheer luck and good fortune i was in this very position for the first five. but not the sixth.

in an interesting and unexpected (as in totes f*****g stupid) move, they decided to announce the final volume a week earlier than the pattern. also, they only bothered to email us, on the mailing list and registered, about this after it was all sold out. so, i was resigned to missing out. no biggie, really, there are some releases (not many, true) that i have not bothered with, and the set on this sixth just looked like an abridged version of the fifth.

evidently (or apparently) i am not the only one to be irked by this. it never ceases to amaze me, and i am the one supposedly overweight and out of date, how some seek to actively limit their market on the limitless marketplace what is the internet. this mail turned up recently, which would seem to indicate that they are now "aware" of how Bowie fans will happily give the Bowie Estate money if only you just f*****g let them do that, please, rather than touts, scalpers and chancers on ebay (and similar).

that would seem to suggest i might be able to purchase the "missing part" at some unspecified date. however, i, we, have been here before with them, and i am taking nothing for granted. certainly i am not going to assume they will just make it easy for us to do something as basic as buy a record. 

no idea exactly how "limited" these limited editions have been. what i do know, however, is that there is about one hundred (100) copies of this sixth one listed on eBay, with the resell price usually very well north of £50. so yes, fans have had a "poor shopping experience" but apparently the opportunistic have done very well from it. and why make it "limited" in the first instance? maybe just take orders for a set period of time and press as many copies as there are fans ready to throw money at you? 

anyway, roaming rant over (for now). if they make it simple for me to purchase this missing one, then great, nice one, but i shall not lose too much sleep if they arse around again and decide no, actually, they do not wish to have my coins of cash.

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, April 09, 2021

some water

hello there

not all that much (as if there ever is, look you see), really. just an unusual, or peculiar solution to a water issue which i recently witnessed. but, and i do mean but, hang on. i am absolutely not an expert in this (or any other) field, so please do not take this as me being critical. just, well, surprised. 

circumstances, or life in general, led to me being rather keenly or even acutely aware of a water supply issue with a particular building. these issues, or problems, emerged and became evident a mere month after some upgrades and enhancements were made to it all, with the promise that they would make something which worked perfectly well even better. alas, this is how the modern world works - anything that is just fine as it is gets f****d with by someone who knows better and is made worse. 

unless, of course, there is some method or reason here i am unaware of, or just too overweight and out of date to comprehend. i fail to see how taking a perfectly working and stable water supply and turning it into one which fails to deliver water on a frequent basis is an improvement. maybe this brave new generation of today knows something which i do not, and it is so. but i doubt it. 

from what i could gather, presented here in the greater good and glory of Commodore 64 mode, of course, the solution to a lack of water was to create a precision, any mason would be proud of hole in a wall, shove a big pipe in it and make an attempt to produce a brand new lake (or river) to the maps of our land with the "excess" or "overflow". in absolute fairness this did mean that the taps within all of a sudden worked as they are supposed to, and once did prior to "upgrades". this, however, seemed a little bit like an excessive waste of a precious resource. 

did i by any chance make one of them animated gif things of all of this? indeed i did. however, it was quite early in the morning, and my system had not yet booted up with the requisite levels of coffee and cigarettes. quite a brain melt moment happened, then, and so i filmed it sideways. that said, here you go, enjoy anyway. 

the answer is yes, at some stage a water mender did make a further visit and mended it, or did something so that water did not just gush out, and no new river or lake was created, saving our hard pressed map makers (cartologists or something i think) from doing any work. also, and so far, the taps have remained in a working fashion. for now. 

it is with some certainty that i can say sure, indeed, if i see any further exciting things like this then i will try and record them for you, preferably the right way around. even if they are not quite so exciting as this, i will do my best. 

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, April 07, 2021



so who knew, then, that during the great invisible war on the new plague, someone somewhere would make the decision of shoe and other related footwear items would be classified as non-essential. i am one who has, alas, learned of this, or discovered it, over the course of the last week or so, look you see. 

it was during the last throes of March when i, it would be fair to say, damaged my shoelaces. well. not my shoe laces as such; rather (purple) ones i "borrowed" off of my (now sort of estranged i suppose, but at the time) (considerably) better half after the ones i had in place on my shoes snapped. them purples ones were rather fetching, and served their purpose for a time which could, i think, be measured in months. 

to say that these purple ones snapped would be incorrect. it was more so that they sort of frayed, an event which saw the cotton or nylon (or whatever) protective cover (sheath, if you will) give way, exposing some sort of flexible but not stretchy sort of elasticated spine. from that moment on they were, bluntly and frankly, incapable of doing what i needed them to do. 

as it happens, yes, i am (or was) sort of organised (organized?) enough to do something like have spare pair(s) of laces about for such instances. but such foresight and planning fell a distance short of what was needed. it turned out that the laces what i had in reserve, measuring according to the packet text 75cm each, were woefully short for what my shoes required. sure, i went full tilt and re-laced the shoes with them, but there was nowhere near enough left at the end of the lacing bit to actually tie them. 

normally, or usually, when one required something to do with shoes, one would pop along to a shoe and other such footwear emporium of repute, or similar. in respect of the latter, say, Sports Direct, run by that nice Mike Ashley what is worshipped in Newcastle. sadly, such places are presently, momentarily closed. deemed non-essential they are, as it happens, as we wage the invisible war on the new plague. for some new laces, then, i was reduced, quivering, to being at the mercy of what not specifically shoe based shops had in stock. ranges and options were limited and not as satisfactory as they may or even might have been. 

yes, thank you, i am indeed aware (and appreciate) that i could have "gone done internet" and ordered some more of them off of a web thing. but, dear reader, every now and then one needs something a good deal sooner than when an online poster sends it and Royal Mail or other such messenger gets around to delivering. consider an instance where, for a random example, you discovered that your arse, or some other bodily element, was on fire. i would speculate - even wager - that you would immediately seek some water to extinguish such, and not simply gaze at various web pages to find an item suitable to resolve your dilemma. exact same principle applies to shoe laces, i believe.

my best guess for you is that the above shoelaces are of a New Zealand provenance, for one does not see a company from any other nation brandishing themselves Kiwi. not unless they wish to have an argument with the people of NZ. it was on my second trip to shops to seek shoe laces that i discovered these, measuring 180cm (each) and costing an agreeable, reasonable £1.60 per pair. or set, if that is how you would describe them. but a pair of shoe laces works for me. much in the way that "a pair of twins" does not, for that would seem to imply four (4) people. 

very much so, yes, 180cm would be in excess of twice (as in 2 times) the length of the initial laces i tried and so woefully failed to apply to my shoes. but these are testing, challenging times for obtaining shoe laces, dear reader. i knew full well that these would be too f*****g long, but my experiences said just get them and make do; that it would on the basis of what i had tried be better to have some what were too long rather than further which were too short. 

no, you are not mistaken, i did reference this purchase as being the second trip i made in search of some shoe laces for (ahem) shoes. there was, earlier in that week, an effort to procure some off of a supermarket. let me type here that it did not go at all well, but also accept and note that the next picture does a sterling job of stressing this. 

unfortunately the supermarket was far too busy selling Easter Eggs and similar to give too much floor space to shoelaces. these 120cm noticeably white laces were the only ones what they had on offer. as i needed laces longer than what i had of course i bought them. a speculative thought would be that they might actually work out against the (Spinal Tap none more) black trainers ("sneakers" if American) i had. it is simply not so, and i felt like i looked like more of a twat than what is even usual, which is quite a statement. putting white laces on black shoes made me, briefly, seem like some refugee from the mock quasi ska two tone lip up fatty pressure drop prince buster wars. very much an English thing, what the Americans copied and made a bit more exciting by using something exotic called "gangsta rap", and then doing a drive by shooting with a gun off of a car, rather than just some loud shouting. 

with every confidence that them presumed to be New Zealand laces would (or might) be too long, i carried on, seeking other shops what may sell laces. to this end, i did indeed find some further. having no wish to leave unsecured shoes a chance possibility, i did indeed buy yet more, even though they were presented at an eye watering, wallet f*****g price. 

can't say that i had ever heard of Timpsons (of Manchester), except the shop unit thing looked a bit familiar. now i certainly have. whereas laces off of New Zealand cost £1.60 (a pair), these bespoke ones, out of the far closer Manchester, cost considerably more. hang on, let me see if i can still do a percentage. yes, i think so. Kiwi laces are south of 38% of the cost of these ones from Manchester, then. 

despite this eye watering cost, of course i bought some. one pair 140cm in length, and black, and one pair 150cm in length, with them being a hybrid colour thing of red, black and green, which feels like a flag mix. Jamaica, maybe, but i think they might have yellow in their flag (yes just done a check). as it turns out, i have deployed (or used) the black 140cm ones, and they appear to be perfect for what i need of them. the remaining ones are then spares. 

right, in the last week i have spent a fair bit on shoelaces. probably a significant fraction, or percentage, of what i would reasonably expect, or at the least be prepared, to spend on a new pair of shoes entire. which, looking at these and the use i have had of them, might be the next expenditure i make. that must be put on hold, of course, until the invisible war against the new plague has reached a point where the powers that be agree to allow shops of shoes to open once more. 

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, April 05, 2021

fifth and final of six, then. oh.

howdy pop pickers

well, this was likely or most decidedly bound to happen, look you see. in an ideal world it would have been so that i would have taken delivery of the sixth (of six) and final edition of Brilliant Live Adventures off of David Bowie. with thanks to the ludicrous decision to impose a self-defeating limit on the number the press, and the fact that they appeared only to email their mailing list that it was available after it had sold out, i missed out on it. oh. 

hey ho, time, then, for a delayed reflection, listen and consideration to volume five of these Brilliant Live Adventures of varying qualities of brilliance. which is (as i shall moan, whine or complain about later) the final one in my set, then. and what a way for it to (unexpectedly) finish, for this, Something In The Air, recorded in Paris (of all places) during 1999, is true, sheer brilliance. 

it's just beautiful. on first hearing it i commented to a friend (no, i don't have too many, but still there are one or two who remain) that my honest reaction was, with a tear in my eye, to fall in love with David Bowie just that little bit more, all over again. this is just unrelentingly excellent (brilliant, if you like) from start to finish, and oh how if only all live albums were woven from the same as this. 

just why is it so good, so f*****g good, if you insist on using strong words so as to underline the point? to an extent the set list helps, but mostly - dominantly - this recording is the sound of David Bowie being perfectly comfortable, at ease and at one with with being David Bowie in a universal sense. here stands a Bowie not channelling a persona, not playing what he presumes an audience wants, not seeking to go on a jazz odyssey to showcase how he will do what he likes. just a Bowie aware that he has composed some pretty amazing songs over the years and has taken great delight in finding, by this stage at last, that the ones he loves are (were) those we loved too, and hearing him enjoy them just as much is the only expectation there ever was. 

but also, mind, what one hell of a set this is. gone, now, are the audience testing experiments of Outside and Earthling. left behind is the compulsion to reclaim The Man Who Sold The World as his own. most generously represented here is hours....., the then new album for which the tour was in support or if you like promotion of. a very perfectly selected five, and each of them sends a message of how that album is perhaps better, more complex and worthy of rediscovery than anyone may have considered in the last twenty or so years. 

a large (substantial) chuck of what is in the set here turned up in the VH1 Storytellers thing, which once more i say is a CD & DVD set which absolutely anyone should go out and seek, watch, listen to and enjoy. in fact i think, without going and getting it off of the shelf, all on that is here. 

highlights of a musical nature is an interesting one. i think the tear formed in my eye at first when Word On A Wing commenced, one of the most beautiful moments on what, if i was absolutely forced to select one as such, is what i'd consider his magnum opus, Station To Station. but if i had to take just one album to a desert island, or my grave, i don't know how i would choose between that and The Buddha Of Suburbia, so let us hope i am not forced to decide any time soon. 

perhaps the "strongest", or most significant, performances here are of the songs from hours....., with Survive and borrowed to be the titular track Something In The Air being the finest. that is not to take anything at all away from the remainder. the stripped down, perhaps borrowing in concept from Talking Heads' Stop Making Sense opener, Life On Mars? is frankly astonishing. reworked and re-imagined (or as he would have no doubt said "subverted") renditions of Always Crashing In The Same Car and I Can't Read (yes, the Tin Machine one) are extremely noteworthy. 

now i find myself glancing at the tracklisting to see what else i should highlight. and now all i can think of to say is there is not a single wasted moment here. each and every song is a cracker, each and every performance is, within the context of a live recording, perfection. of the large number of official Bowie live releases, this one immediately sits in the "essential" box, nicely next to Santa Monica 72 and Welcome To The Blackout

one major, big plus here is the sound of him engaging with the audience. he, Bowie is just so damned relaxed and having fun, clearly enjoying the awe, adulation and admiration of the audience but at last knowing a context for it, and just being himself with it all. there is absolutely no way at all this should have been limited down in number, being merely "number five" of a set. fuss and fanfare is what i hear demanded every time i play this disc, and it has been played a lot. 

go on then, moan and groan. so, i missed out on volume six. which turned out to be him live in his beloved New York, at something called the Kit Kat. most of us were expecting the recorded but never released Astoria gig, but no matter. a great shame not to have the full set, but hey. it is not like i have every single release by him. what i do have, however, for over thirty years is a strong track record for buying anything they wish or care to put the name "Bowie" on. should his Estate no longer wish for my money, then that is fine, it is not like i am short of recordings off of him to play. 

just left baffled (to continue the moan) by the decision made here. why, exactly, did they limit the number available. leave aside not letting people know before the scalpers bought most if not all of them. fans like me are sat here perfectly happy to give them money for the disc, and they say no. don't hate the players, hate the game, but all that has happened here is some opportunists have pre-ordered it and are now relisting it on the great car boot sale of the internet for prices north of £50. for a single CD, which features a much shorter but same songs still appear track list that's found on Something In The Air. perhaps they will be able to sell to the desperate to complete the set for such prices; from me the answer is best of luck but get f****d if you think i am paying that much for it. 

as i commented on one of the previous Brilliant Live Adventure things, this live compact disc a month was getting exhausting, and felt like it had reached a saturation point. what a wonderful way to finish it off all early, then. whereas the first one was somewhat underwhelming, this (in my case) final one exceeds all expectations of brilliance. 

where next for us fans, at the mercy of the Bowie Estate and what they choose, or elect, to release next? i have no idea. stacks and stacks of high quality concert recordings remain on the shelf. also, the 50th anniversary of two iconic, incredible albums (Hunky Dory and of course Ziggy Stardust) looms in the next twelve or so months. my wallet is already starting to bleed. 

i see no sense in doing a complete overview of (ahem) all five releases of this six edition Brilliant Live Adventures business. my comment along the way have probably said all that could be said to anyone who wished to listen. but, for a short view, of them really it was just numbers two, four and very much five that came in at a standard one would not disagree with the "brilliant" label being applied. one and three can just sit on the shelf, unlikely to be damaged by means of excessive play. 

be brilliant to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, April 03, 2021

jasmine i saw you peeping

hello there

so indeed, then, another car, automobile or other such (similar) vehicle related post off of me, look you see. my interest (and partial knowledge) of such remains steadfast and firmly grounded in only what quality vibes one should hear on voyages in them, but i try to offer what i can beyond that, as and when i can. 

in this instance, or chapter if you will, it is time to give consideration to the matter of the scent of a vehicle. or how it smells. no, strictly speaking i have had little (it would be a mistake to say none at all) interest in this subject, and yet here we are. 

car air freshener things, although one is free to use them on practically any sort of vehicle, are not a matter i have ever given much in the way of consideration to. now that i think, two wheeled modes of transportation free of the constraints of a roof or such similar containment, are probably not suitable for air freshener things. whereas nothing stops one from attaching one to it, i fail to see the value of adding a dangling air freshener thing to a bicycle, a motorbike or one of them smart scooter things off of Quadrophenia. by all means go for it if you are inclined, no prohibition exists, but i doubt much value would be extracted no matter how agreeable or modest the price commanded for the freshener is. 

where was i, oh yes. in some instances i have had them in things what i drive before. at one point, i believe, a friend gave me a smart one what had a picture of (original) Bucket Head out of Star Wars on it, and then at some stage there was (i think) one that came free with the Viz. beyond that, i do not believe i have ever had all that much reason to dally or experiment with them. or make use of them. 

unfortunately, and with regret, due to limitations of what is possible to do with an internet, i cannot showcase the business end of a car (vehicle) air freshener here. there is no way i can work out which allows you to sense and appreciate (or react with disdain) the scent (smell) of it. by means of a replacement experience, or if you so wish apology, here is some video of it. 

this was the only place i could work out where to hang it and not obscure visibility. for clarification, it got placed by the passenger door window on a proper design vehicle. to people where they have built cars and roads all wrong, and they drive on the entirely incorrect side of the road (America, France, etc), it would seem that this is actually on the driver side. but it is not, your car is simply flawed as it is a bit backwards or just made all wrong. not your fault. 

at no point, or stage, did i consider a need existed for an air freshener within the vehicle i am most frequently found to be driving. i just happened to notice this one for sale as i sought some new shoelaces, and it all went a bit moth to flame. making something tape (cassette) shaped is usually a pretty good way to get me to purchase it. beautifying it with some basic, rudimentary text indicating that it is of the 80s helps, too. 

how does it smell? or rather, what is the smell like? mostly an agreeable one, pretty much like the fresh berries proclaimed on the tape label. oh yes, provenance and that. this was all of £1 off of Morrisons. so as to lure my business, they placed this item for sale not too far away from the section where they keep what shoelaces they stock, which was my more pressing need. indeed i did purchase both. 

one stark, bold or harsh reality here is that this may well be the only time i ever discuss the murky world of car air freshener things here. it is not a subject that i have any particular interest in, vested or otherwise. some, maybe even many, of you are possibly quite passionate about such. if this is you, then rather just enjoy what is on offer right here than worry about how no more is likely to come from me. 

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, April 01, 2021

peppermint crush


well, here we are in that most perplexing of times, look you see. april is notorious for causing distress, for all at once it is so that a quarter of the year gone becomes a third of it. one thing i have noted, for i cannot escape it, is that which i was always warned of is true; "time" appears to feel like it passes all the quicker the older you get. memories of what has been before (for one does not have memories of what is to come) seem to be forever disjointed and outside of a vague, coherent or chronological nature. 

but, anyway, this post is meant to be a good deal more about fags rather than such mentioned above. please note, especially you Americans, that "fags" in the proper use of the word references cigarettes, and nothing else. should you have been searching for some other variation of understanding of that term, such is not here. i would say sorry, but i am not, as it happens. 

a simple dream it is that i and so many others have. this shared dream is, of course, finding the details of someone, be it a shop or individual, that can get their hands on loads and loads of less than officially imported cigarettes which they sell equally at profit to themselves and at a greater lower price to us than what we have to pay at the shops. of course such is a bit of a legal grey area, but needs must, and people that smoke tend to get very heavily punished for doing so off of taxes and that. 

distressingly, sadly, or alas even, i have yet to make the acquaintance of such an entrepreneur, or become a patron of a retailer who offers this bespoke service. i hope to do so soon. but, for now, in the mean time, a somewhat distant occasional colleague, and i would like to think friend, has indeed achieved such a business relationship. 

in a very welcome act of kindness, this chum of a colleague gave me (as a gift) a packet of the fags what he likes and buys somewhere south of half of the listed UK shelf price. he had an abundance of them as he bought more whilst forgetting he had a stash. extremely generous to share most outrageous fortune. 

granted, the fags offered as a gift were not the usual sort of thing i would indulge. but, dear reader, for a smoker, cigarettes are quite like pizza, or that sort of thing (sex). there is no such thing as a "bad" version of them, and if they are free or no strings and conditions attached then they are even better. 

omega ice blue superslims peppermint capsule fags, then. bit of a mouthful, really, compared to marlboro, or even marlboro. but who am i to judge what counts as a proper name, after all. i suspect that people (like my chum) probably just refer to them as omegas, for why would you use the full tilt formal name. 

how are they? well, this is where any sort of review thing falls over a bit. so, or thus, far, no, i have not tried one of them yet. my plan is to hold them in some form of "reserve", to have in an emergency. yes, quite like some other packs of these "super slim" fags what Spiros got me. 

but let me not deny you (if you are interested) all the technical specifications of tar, nicotine and all that good stuff. here, behold an image of what it says is in the box. also not sure why they say ice blue as i would not define peppermint so, but of course i am not expert. 

all of that is, i have every confidence, a reasonable and decent amount of each ingredient, or side effect or affect if that is the right one to use. exactly how relevant that carbon monoxide thing is would be a matter i have no certainty on. how, for instance, does it compare to cars or buses or similar sources of this thing which is probably not great to inhale. ask that lass off of Sweden what goes off on one now and then with a temper tantrum, i would presume or imagine. 

with regards to the damage (or destruction) done by smoking (it is generally poor for health matters so do not do it), a quite interesting thing is happening. now that the invisible war on the new plague is being kind of won (via vaccinations for coronavirus), there is a trifle of distress and discontent about the mooted idea of people needing to show proof of vaccination before entering pubs and clubs. some who decry any infringement of liberty which they happen to agree with are saying this is unfair. i see. smokers, who smoke and prolonged exposure might (and probably will) do some damage to others around them in the long term, were exiled from such to general agreement and little resistance. and yet now they want someone with coronavirus (or what you will call it) to be allowed to just wander around, where exposure to them for around (credit Andy Warhol) fifteen minutes could leave you very ill, perhaps fatally so, in a relatively short space of time. undoubtedly this all makes sense to someone somewhere, but apparently not moi

just ban everyone from everything, i think, is the long term solution to the above and similar matters. that way it is so that either everyone has something to complain about or no one does. 

gifts of this nature have become oddly recurring ever since i embarked on my somewhat unexpected but perhaps ultimately inevitable new stint at once again living the single life. no, i do not have a young free and single t-shirt off of (ooooh) Gary Davies (on your radio) and i doubt they do them in my size, but maybe i should email him. a mere, or just a day after the kindness of the fag incident, another similar colleague and chum of distance offered me some posh chocolates. granted, they were off of or out of the reduced to clear section, but still posh and kind. 

yes, i am quite aware that some would be of a mind to interpret men offering other men this particular kind of cigarette, and of course chocolates, in quite a specific way. there is every chance i am responsible for such. when addressing questions of why i am now single (theoretically) once more, i concluded that a quick and easy response would be to say that "all of us, in some way, have been inspired by the bravery and courage of Philip Schofield". no, this is not the case for me at all, but i do have a habit of sounding more convincing than i wished to be when uttering things like that. and also people shall believe what they wish to, in the end. 

right, i think that is all i can write of these fags without actually smoking them, and then some. should it ever be the case that i crack them open and give them a go, then yes, maybe, perhaps i shall add some further comments. possibly.

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, March 30, 2021

world of butter


not sure about you, but i get the distinct sense that i am prepared to compose on just about any subject here, just for the sake of updating. and being boring would appear to be no barrier, look you see. then again, who am i to judge or call; perhaps things like this are of a particular (arguably peculiar) interest to someone somewhere. should that be you, then you are very welcome. 

so, recently i was running relatively, or quite, low on butter. or spreadable butter, i had best say, for there are those what get rather protective on this subject, believing that only them rock hard blocks should be known as "proper" butter. fair enough, but this spreadable stuff would seem to taste like butter, and is nice and easy to make use of. 

anyway, my usual brand or choice (i am reluctant to name, but lurpak) struck me as being a trifle more expensive than usual. oh, undoubtedly the educated elite of that twatter thing and similar such social media things where people shout have blamed this increased cost on brexit, the incumbent government, coronavirus or whatever else they believe is responsible for them not having the life they expect to be given, but i cannot claim to be of their number. i just took the approach of looking for alternates at a lower cost. to this, i found not one, not three, but two economically viable alternates

well, now that i have mediated on the subject and given some thought, ostensibly it was indeed three that i found. one got dismissed extremely quickly, however. that would be something called anchor, which was on special for (i think) £1, and turned out to be if not absolutely terrible then not satisfactory for my taste requirements. 

moving on and no, it wasn't really my intention to purchase multiple, more modestly priced alternates. i went to the relevant retailer with a view to getting just one (1) and seeing if i liked it. but then, and this happens, i got kind of distracted and distressed by options, so i just went right ahead and got two different ones. for a sense of needless perspective, i think it was so that these two tubs (or whatever, containers if that is the right name) combined - as in added together - cost less than one tub of my regular or usual type, at current market prices. 

just so that we are all clear on this subject, and to ensure any deviants or curious types know that they may depart this post now, any and all reviews or comments concerning these products shall pertain only to the conventional, traditional and very much intended use of this stuff. which means no, absolutely not, hell no, there is no "Brando style" use of butter reviewed or endorsed here, thank you very much, we shall have none of that sort of thing here. 

the first (non terrible anchor) butter (or what you will call it) to catch my eye was the one above. it is called, as you can see, "danpak", and for those familiar with it the packaging is exceptionally, surely lawyer testingly similar to that of lurpak. as is, of course, the name. 

here is where any sort of "review" element or aspect falls over a bit, for i have not tried this danpak as such as of yet. i have purchased it, and it is in my fridge. this, i believe you will find, is around 66% of the way made towards a comprehensive look at it. on the basis of that, my conclusion is so far so good with it, a reasonably good decision was made to buy it. and of course refrigerate it.

for one that i have actually tried, then, we must look towards our friends in the (theoretical) south west of the land in which i live. a smaller tub, to be sure, and i am now actually trying to recall what i paid to get it. i think it was below, or south of the magical £1.88 figure, which means that on a pro rata basis yes this would work out cheaper (ipso facto) than what the market price for lurpak is. 

i think the one thing which drew me into this, other than the price which seemed immediately reasonable and the sleek, stylish black packaging, was the proclamation or announcement of it containing cornish sea salt. up until this point, i had a lack of awareness about how there is an apparent difference (or variation) in the salt of different seas. perhaps this is lazy, or even ignorant, of me, but much of my life has been lived with an understanding that salt is just salt. making it clear that cornish sea salt differs in a way which is tacitly implied to be superior makes me excited about the idea of one day tasting butter what has aegean sea salt in it. 

opting to start off with trying this one came about after a glance at the best before dates on the two of them. from this you can conclude that spreadable west country butter with cornish sea salt shall die just days before danpak will, if you wish to do so. or it could be a stock delivery issue, i don't know. up to now i have tried it on some croissants, and on toast with (scottish) three berry jam and then with some marmalade, or unspecified provenance. i would say, overall, it has been satisfactory. 

not a lot else i can say on this subject, at least at this stage, so i shall refrain from doing so. 

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, March 28, 2021



it is reasonably infrequent that i take the time to watch a film, or motion picture, these days. time has, or was, been against me in respect of being able to do so, look you see. every now and then, though, it is so that a movie strikes me as making the effort to find the time to sit and watch. this is why, or how come, i recent sat and watched tenet, a mere three (3) months after purchasing the blu ray disc of it. 

as ever i am not too certain, or sure, that whatever i would have to say on this (or any) film throws any particular value into the world, but here we are. further, i am careful, cautious and mindful of any of them sort of "spoiler" things. 

let this paragraph be a sort of virtual (or digital) line in the digital (or virtual) sand of the internet, then. for a kind of quick glance of a review, i found tenet to be superb, excellent entertainment, and i would not hesitate in saying "yes, go for it" to anyone what asked me if it was worth seeing. a double whammy, as it were, of excellent and superb, for it is as much of a cerebral experience as it is one of being flat out action thriller stuff. just, well, watch it. 

just so we are all clear, and have an understanding, here you go - a *** SPOILER WARNING *** is now in place for all of the rest of this post. even, or especially, the next picture what will feature here, below, rather than the one above, and oddly enough direction is an important factor. 

plot? difficult to describe, really, as per the sparse wording on the back of the video (or whatever) box. we are introduced to the (ahem) protagonist of the film, played by the i have never seen him before but my what a talent he is John David Washington, via the means of what now must surely be called a classic Christopher Nolan dazzling mindblowing opening action sequence. you know, like the start of, say, The Dark Knight, where you get an incredible bit of film that gets surpassed again and again over the next two (or so hours). it turns out this is just a step, of sorts, towards his actual (or ultimate) mission, or purpose, or maybe destiny. one which he is given one simple word in respect of, tenet. 

rather deliberately, as was the case with inception, i went in to watching this knowing as little as possible of it. once again, i advise on you doing the same. after watching, i of course read up on some comments and reviews. to my surprise a recurring comment was that of "needing" to watch more than once so as to grasp, understand or follow it. some said this was a good thing, where others argued that if you can't watch and enjoy a film just once then it has failed to deliver. well, after a slight moment of wondering what was going on early on, i found it - surprising, considering the ultimate subject matter - all perfectly "linear" and straightforward, if not Police Academy easy, to follow. 

now, you saw all those spoiler warnings, yeah? ultimately, the subject, or main theme here, is what you would broadly label "time travel", but not in the (contextually) way we are used to experiencing it in movies. this is not really Back To The Future 'actual' time travel, but is sort of almost kind of thematically similar to, say, Terminator and indeed Avengers Endgame to a degree, as it revolves more around "something" of the future sent to the past (present) to ensure a future. but, tenet diverts, possibly subverts it. for a potentially better comparison, think the magnificent safety not guaranteed, or perhaps even primer, thrown at a very much (and the director has acknowledged this) James Bond sort of film. 

above is something called the sator square. once you have seen tenet you shall, no doubt, look at this with new eyes, and maybe go "oh". further, yes, indeed, reminding yourself that the (vastly) talented chap who made tenet also made the remarkable memento kind of helps you keep going with it.

what makes tenet such a brilliant, dazzling film experience? on a surface level or even face value, let us not pretend anything beyond the incredible set piece action sequences are key to keeping you watching. once again Christopher Nolan has imagined breathtaking, astonishing sequences and brought together the talent needed to film them "real" rather than by means of using special effects. i very much get why he, the director, was frustrated that the invisible war on the new plague of last year (and this) meant that not nearly as many who would have could have seen this spectacle in a cinema. 

on top of that, though, is a superb cast delivering outstanding performances of well written, developed characters. probably not since the days of James Cameron doing things properly have we been treated to an excellent script backing brilliant action films, before he decided vague one dimensional characters would do just fine for all that avatar rubbish. 

having already sung the praises of John David Washington it is only fair and right to do the same for the remainder of the cast. not one single performance is flawed. a delight to see him out of the glitter vampire films be excellent, and what could i possibly say of a Kenneth Brannagh performance that would not already be known. or is it Branagh, well, whichever. 

does the film have any flaws, on that note, or plot holes or similar? probably. i failed to notice them if so. maybe one or two (possibly just one) moments were convoluted, but nothing felt contrived or out of place, should that make sense. at no point was it that i was not sold, or not bought in to the whole concept of it. blimey, that sounded convoluted and negative. 

perhaps, or maybe, i should have a look and get a copy of that interstellar film. so far as i am aware that is now the only motion picture off of Christopher Nolan what i have not yet seen. in terms of all of his films, well, for me this one, tenet, ranks well with his finest. 

mostly, mind, i just enjoyed switching all distractions off (including putting the phone well away) and just sitting and watching a thoroughly enjoyable movie. let me try and make the effort to do more of the same soon, and i should do well to do so with a film as close as good to this one. 

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Friday, March 26, 2021

once blurred now clear

hi there

if such a question was posed to me, my answer would invariably (or perhaps better instinctively) be that no, look you see, i don't have all that much free time. and yes, somehow, for quite needless and for no rational reason, it would appear that i was perfectly able to find enough minutes to carry out speculative glances at (ahem) minutes from meetings held by the general optical council. 

should it be so that for some (or any) reason you wish to step into this world, well, they actually have a really good spot of that "search engine optimisation" on the go and so it is quite easy to find details of them and their meetings. but, we are here now, so to make your life a little easy, mindful of the fact that i can do nothing for your interest in this subject, here you go, a convenient link to their public record minutes archive

with me apparently (or evidently) being at a trifle of a loose end, i thought i would, at random, very specifically look at the minutes for one meeting. selected was one on the very date this post is published, except in 2009 rather that now (2021). fascinating stuff? that would depend on what you considered to be interesting. or, perhaps, not. 

aesthetically, the older minutes are not too appealing. whereas the font used is relatively easy on the eye, which is a nice touch for optometrists, there is no logo on the top of the first page. at some stage one was introduced, but when it came to trying to work out when it was introduced i simply lost interest and did not bother. 

other observations would be how quiet and empty the declarations of interests section is compared to more recent minutes. it would appear that as the reputation of the council grew, so too did the interest in having members of it, so to speak, on the book. beyond that, i suppose one of the more important elements of the meeting was the discussion around "fitness to practice" and seeking clarification on the vetting and barring process for any budding opticians. not certain, as i did not read it all, but drink driving conviction enthusiasts do not appear to be encouraged to pursue a career in the realm of optical enhancement or improvement.

for a final observation, i note with great interest that they would never appear to hold a meeting in the same place. and why would you. the whole of London (innit) is available to them, and it would seem that they elected to try different places out for each session. 

right, that's that. should you take some time to go and read any (or all) of the minutes, i hope you enjoy, and please do let me know if there is anything (remotely) interesting or exciting that i might well have missed. 

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, March 24, 2021

just what does it have to do with falko, no, hang on it's columbo isn't it


depending on who you ask we are presently winning the invisible war on the new plague or we are quite badly losing it. alternatively, look you see, there are some you could (i would not suggest doing so but please do as you see fit) ask and they will inform you it's all a hoax, a sham, something out of Orwell's novel 1984 and so forth. it is this latter group what has come to be of immediate concern. 

conspiracy theorists, refusers or deniers, are of course nothing new. a select brand or branch of the human population exists which shall immediately assume the opposite of whatever you tell them is really the truth. you know, things like moon landings, mobile phone technology, aliens, the shape (or dimensions) of our planet and that sort of thing. i believe there is only a finite amount of it what can be blamed on Mulder out of X Files, and that finite is very small indeed. 

so as to provide an unusual non non-linear link between paragraphs here, it would of course be quite wrong (indeed incorrect) to describe Peter Falk as Columbo out of Columbo as the Mulder out of X Files of his day, as he was not. well, not that i am aware of. i have seen a few episodes and momentariy i cannot recall any such episode, or case if you like, where he dealt with the supernatural, aliens or any related variation of conspiracy theory. maybe he did, but i have not seen it.

generally speaking, Peter Falk is perhaps most fondly, or immediately, remembered as being the Grandad, or "Grandpa" for Americans, what read the story to him out of Wonder Years in the motion picture adaptation of The Princess Bride. but, then, there are one or two who would more immediately recall him a being Columbo out of Columbo, especially if you switch on certain TV channels here in the UK on a Sunday, where they (for some reason) play, screen or broadcast 12 to 14 hours of Columbo for entertainment purposes. 

in either instance of preference, it would remain (i am confident) the case that one would be puzzled to see the singularly eyed much admired and sadly no longer with us actor being used as a poster, or rather in this instance sticker, boy for a crusade against the new plague, or "covid" as many call it. and yet, on my travels, i discovered that someone has opted or chosen to do this. 

recently, as opposed to some close or distant future date, i was in a reasonably well celebrated coastal town in North Yorkshire. whilst there, i spotted this placed (with scant regard for a straight or neat job of it, but never mind) place on a lamp post. well, i think it was a lamp post, actually it might have been a general or generic post, carrying a sign suggesting that i do not park where i just had or similar. 

no, i am no medical expert, far from it. but, so or thus far, i am inclined to believe the reports, coverage and numbers about all of this new plague, the pandemic of this thing what is called covid. evidently, or clearly, there is at least one rather highly motivated person out there who has taken a different stance on this subject.

whereas i can speak for none but me (and would never presume to do otherwise), i am uncertain the approach being taken by the "plague denier", for want of a better term, is going to work. just who is it they expect to see this and on the basis of it immediately accept their truth that it is all a "lie"? one really rather suspects that presenting some sort of evidence (hint or actual) that the whole thing is made up would do a better job of convincing people than trying to suggest or imply it as being the view of an imaginary detective played by the deceased Peter Falk. unless, of course, it is so that where i was, and i am loathe to reveal that it was Scarborough so shall not, they consider all associated with or attributed to Peter Falk as some sort of gospel, unquestionable truth. rather him that Sir Jimmy, i suppose. 

my view would be that this plague business, covid or coronavirus or whatever term for it works bets for you, seems quite real. further, the best approach one can take is to adhere to all these measures what they have asked us to do, be it face masks, hand washing and distance keeping. but, believe what you will, whatever gets you through life.

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, March 22, 2021

pristine and clinical

howdy pop pickers

quite delayed this post is, look you see, but here we are now. with volume five (5) probably already here and, at time of publishing, the sixth (and final) volume likely to be announced soon, here's a look at volume four (4) of Brilliant Live Adventures off of David Bowie. in a double compact disc format, although vinyl and "streaming" things were / are available. 

this one, Look At The Moon!, is the second (of two) set to celebrate Bowie's live, well, adventures from the year 1997. it is taken, culled or was recorded at something called the Phoenix Festival; an event i can vaguely recall being a thing. so as to (more or less) present the entire set from a gig this time around, we are treated to a double disc set (as mentioned above), which of course came at a slightly increased cost. 

it is, for a brief overview sort of thing type review, pretty good. at, or by, this stage, though, there is a sense of if not saturation then exhaustion. releasing a more or less previously unreleased Bowie recording once a month for six (6) months seemed like an exciting and class idea, but a sense of complacency in listening appears to slowly drift in. for this, and one or two other reasons, it was so that in truth when this one landed it was placed aside for a couple of weeks, perhaps three. 

and so the set itself. quite a mix of OK David, as in we are treated to six songs from Earthling, to wonderful, thank you David, with several much loved fan favourites all of a sudden appearing in the set. classics such as Fashion and indeed Fame, as well as a delightful filled with Jean Genie feature. to make this even better, it is so that the more esoteric, jazz odyssey moments from Outside are no longer getting played by this stage, just the two solid hits greats from that whimsical excursion (Hearts Filthy Lesson and proper Hallo Spaceboy, not the Pet Shop Boys fiddle). 

my single biggest issue with this edition (or episode) of Brilliant Live Adventures is the title. oh, no doubt the actual title, Look At The Moon!, has some relevance to the event itself, but i just refer to it as Beware The Moon! i think it would have been quite class to call it that, but then the makers or rights owners of An American Werewolf In London may well have wished to have a word with Iman or similar. 

on a more sound related side of things (which is kind of important to music), it states on the cover somewhere or other that this is a recording off of the sound deck, or mixing deck. as such, it is much, much better than the first volume, which suffered from seeming to be taped off of one side of the stage alone. but, the cost of this is right there in the title of this post. 

you may consider this to be a good thing or a bad thing, but the sound here is pristine, clinical and precise. there is virtually no crowd sound at all. for me, or to my ears, it makes it all somewhat, or a bit, eerie, really. i mean, yes, you want to hear the artist. but, hearing them (in this instance him) performing to a crowd and the crowd is effectively absent in presence is, somewhat, strange. very, or quite, 2020 and bits of 2021 i guess.

certainly, i think (know) i probably have added too many pictures to go with what little text i have to add around them. here, have a look at this one, then. 

for the outstanding moments of the set, they virtually all come in the form of the classics included. it's not so much that any huge pop hits are included as such, but all the same well loved ones. what makes them great is that David is clearly relishing playing them again, doing so as he wishes to, and not out of a sense of obligation of giving the audience what he thinks (or suspects) they might be after. 

beyond, or if you like other than the songs already mentioned, a highlight for me was very much in the form of the inclusion of Stay off of Station To Station. what a sterling performance it is, too. and yes, it remains that Scary Monsters (And Super Creeps) just gets better every time you hear it.

negatives in the set all circulate around and then land on Earthling, alas. someone out there somewhere most probably thinks that this album was the best what David ever done, but it is not one i include in the top twenty (20) albums he did. being fair, once again Battle For Britain (The Letter) is a revelation here, a song far too good to have been (to be harsh) wasted and lost in the muddle of that record. 

with regret, though, most of the Earthling songs here prove exactly what Michael Eavis off of Glastonbury said. he considered it "boring", and once again this is a man whose tolerance for boredom is legendary, what with him hiring Coldplay 6 (!!) times, and Mr Kim Kardassian (or ex now i think). things like Looking For Satellites just go nowhere, and whereas Bowie appeared amused by Little Wonder i can't say i ever have been. 

a big thanks, and well done, to whoever made the decision to preserve the set entire (so far as i can tell) to the extent that we get the Gail Ann Dorsey performance of an obscure cover (i had to look it up) of a song called O Superman. lovely, it is, to be sure.

right, then. that's two sets from 1995 (one so so, one excellent) and two from 1997 (both better than anticipated or feared). on to 1999. next up with be one off of France, and the expectation is the last shall be the London Astoria gig, possibly including a DVD or video since Bowie set it all up (the gig) just to film. we shall see. 

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, March 20, 2021

comes the morning and the headlights fade away

hello there 

something of a little bit of a throwback (in all sorts of ways) with this post, look you see. predominantly this is in respect of me celebrating a mug on these pages, but also with regards to at least one (1) of the people what feature on the mug. 

whilst it is simply not true to say that i have my finger on any sort of pulse pertaining to fashions, trends or such things, every now and then i notice something. in recent times i have, to this effect, noticed a revival, or if you will rejuvenation, of interest in those "heat changing" mugs. should you be more or less unaware about what that is, exactly, fear not. basically, or in essence, it is a mug what has a "hidden" image on it, so it looks plain when stood cold (or "room temperature"), but an image (or pattern or similar) appears on the mug the moment some hot liquid is placed in it. well, not the precise moment, but still. 

i have no need to purchase any further mugs at the moment, and even less time to use to do such a thing. however, as a somewhat happy accident, it came to be that recently i unpacked not one, not three, but two of my own heat changing mug things. with regret i have to say one of them is most unsuitable to share here. but the other is, well, sort of kind of, so long as no one gets all busy and upset. 

yes, in the clarity of the greater good and glory of Commodore 64 mode, that is indeed a mug what features two stalwarts of the Carry On films, Barbra Windsor and Jim Dale. indeed, further, as you can more or less see, that is them in a scene out of one of the films; Carry On Doctor i think, but could be Matron or some similar medical thing. 

despite, or perhaps although, i would describe myself as someone who very much appreciates the artistic endeavours of Jim Dale (how can you not but help like him), it is of course the sadly no longer with us Ms Windsor who is in focus here. she passed away recently, an event which caused rather understandable nationwide sorrow. terms like "national treasure" and "icon" get used with ease these days, but she well and truly ticked all of those boxes. 

how and why? well, bubbly personality is often attributed to her. an open love of life, and embracing making the most of the world and being happy were her traits, all done with a tickle of a giggle and a quite remarkable, infectious smile. this touched, or affected, virtually all who ever saw her. famously, or infamously if you prefer, so much so that she had the most notorious and feared of East End gangsters, with particular emphasis on the Krays, wrapped around any finger she cared to choose.

that's the mug not in the greater good and glory of Commodore 64 mode, then. also, it is pictured here with no hot (preferably boiling) liquid in it. yes, also, that is my quite class coaster what celebrates the motion picture The Shining. for anyone reading this what or who is easily upset or a bit sensitive, you are possibly advised to skip the rest of this, and certainly suggested to avoid the other picture, which shall come below. rather than, you know, above. 

one reason in particular that Barbra was so treasured is a little bit tricky to word properly. it's something close to a sensitive subject, especially under the rules of the English way of doing things, where there are subjects, in particular that sort of thing, which one is not to speak of. but, let me try to assume a reasonably grown up audience is reading this, and i shall endeavour to be diplomatic, or delicate. 

for at least one, two or possibly three generations (and i was certainly one of them), it was so that a rite of passage, or expectation, was that the first semi undressed (at the least topless) lady any male would encounter would be Barbra Windsor. specifically, of course, that celebrated scene out of Carry On Camping. whereas nudity, or any expression of anything sexual, is generally frowned upon (mostly by the British Board of Censors) in our society, there was a determination by TV studios to screen Carry On Camping as frequently as possible. or include scenes from it in shows. all during prime time early evening entertainment slots. 

above is the mug (or chalice) with some hot liquid in it, tea i believe. well, you were warned before you looked at it. perhaps i should have gone further and written something so as you did not get your expectations of saucy excitement up way too high. but still, a lovely vessel for having a fine cup of tea out of. 

exactly how it came to be that in a nation determined to block or censor as much nudity as possible it was so that Barbra Windsor's quasi topless appearances were unavoidable to the point of being compulsory to see is, as you may well guess, a mystery. she herself said that she didn't (ahem) particularly consider her "assets" to be sensational, but in her usual style was thrilled and delighted that so many people appeared to think they were wonderful. let me not disagree with the latter. 

mostly i just use the mug for drinking out of, in truth. yes, just tea. it would be criminal to use such a decidedly English item for coffee, after all. but, a glance at Barbara allows one to see (based on how many clothes she has on) is a quite useful and very satisfactory way of determining how warm the tea in it (the mug) is. 

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!